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WHERE to find sponsors for kindergarten


Many children's institutions today are thinking about finding a sponsor. After all, state funding does not meet all the requirements and needs of the kindergarten.

Due to lack of funds, it becomes impossible to buy new furniture, toys, make quality repairs.

Many gardens need quality playgrounds.

First steps

Before the search for philanthropists beginsCollect a package of documents. It is necessary to make an appropriate estimate of the work or a list of necessary things. Every action should be argued. For example, if the kindergarten needs to change the wiring, write about the need for works due to the importation of new kitchen equipment into the garden, which the old wiring will not survive. Also, all the documents of the institution itself should be in order. It will be good if photocopies are made.

First of all, with a proposal for sponsorshipShould contact the direct producers or sellers. Their help will not be monetary, but will make up for the costs of the institution. They can give consent in exchange for advertising. The toy seller will present kindergarten toys for children of different ages in exchange for advertising their store among employees, pupils and their parents. The garden can make a signboard banner on the building or on the fence. In the same way, the sponsor can be searched among the companies involved in the repair, production and installation of windows, installation of playgrounds, etc.

Sponsor search

On the need for sponsorship should tellAt the parent meeting. Even if parents do not respond, they can tell their superiors at work or acquaintances who are engaged in charity. Some parents have exits to the right people and will be able to contribute to obtaining the necessary help.

An appeal to the deputy of the city council,Assigned to the district, where the kindergarten is located, can help find a sponsor in the person of the deputy himself or herself. This especially helps before the elections, when officials need positive feedback from the people.

If you need a large amount, then you need to apply to several companies, because one company is unlikely to be able to allocate the necessary amount immediately.

To meet with the leaders, one must go in strictSuit, with the necessary documents. A potential sponsor should be sure that he is a responsible person. Serious preparation for the meeting will tell the sponsor about the weight of intentions. He must understand that the money will go in the right direction.

To search for a sponsor should write on the siteA kindergarten. There is a possibility that the future sponsor himself will look for his helpers and see the announcement. Today, many entrepreneurs and officials provide charitable assistance for their social activity and good reputation.

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