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Where to find or make a flint in Minecraft

Flint in the game Minecraft is needed to create and flint arrows.

This makes it a very valuable resource. Create it can not be, but you can get.

The source of silicon is gravel.



Gravel can be called the most useless materialin Game. It is not used to create other blocks, showered (however, this makes it a good material for traps), but it is common enough.


Gravel can be found at low depth underunderground or underwater. Fans dig long tunnels at a decent depth of it can significantly spoil the survey, since the removal of the retaining block of stone, he begins to fall in, threatening suffocation. And if the above it is a lake of lava or water, the player expects even more unpleasant death.


Flint falls out of the gravel with a probability often percent. At the same time from the destroyed unit may fall gravel or gravel or flint, making it impossible for an infinite number of mining flint gravel from one unit.


Gathered on a journey gravel can be placedon the ground and re-destroyed, it will produce a small amount of silicon. The procedure can be repeated for a long time, until all is over gravel or flint is no longer fall out.


It is more convenient just shovel digging gravel from anymaterial. This speeds up production in two or even three times. Wise to make a shovel out of sticks and stones, they quickly wear out, but they allow to obtain a sufficient amount of flint and gravel.


If you want to build a really bigThe amount of silicon, diamond or make iron shovel and enchant it for good luck. This can be done by means of enchantment table or already enchanted books on it (with the help of the anvil). To apply the spell on the subject or a book, you need to place it in the active slot table enchantment and choose how much experience you want to spend on the operation. Experience is given to you from killing monsters, animals, and for the extraction of valuable materials. Enchantment on the table enchantment imposed depending on the elapsed experience. But if you are after this procedure, I received a book with the necessary charm you, you can transfer them to a subject by means of the anvil, spent an additional small amount of experience.


Enchantment "luck" of the first level double the probability of obtaining a flint, and "luck" in the third level allows you to always get the flint in the extraction of gravel.


If next to you there is a village, can be ordered from one of the residents in the gravel processing flint. For a deal to pay emeralds. Flint while you still get less than gravel.

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