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Where to find friends


It would seem that now, when the borders of the world are narrowing,So just find friends. But more often people feel their loneliness. The reasons for this are numerous: lack of time, travel, distrust of people, complexes, fears and much more. It is important to understand that loneliness is not a problem, and there are a lot of places where you can find friends.

Where to find friends
In fact, the problem of finding friends isNot that we have no one to be friends with, because we are surrounded daily by a lot of people who are looking for friendship. It is worth trying to look at your surroundings on the other hand, it is not necessary to look for new and unfamiliar people to find a friend among those acquaintances that you already have. Take the initiative, be honest and open, maybe your friend is already near you.

Where you can meet a future friend

For example, you can meet people atA variety of forums, social networks and even online games. This method is good because on the Internet, you can find friends closest to your circle of interests, as well as overcome the embarrassment and fear that do not allow to get acquainted in real life. The danger of this method is that the simplicity of Internet communication is addictive and capable of tearing away from live communication. Virtual communication is far from alive, but it can become an excellent start for the beginning of friendship, so you should not limit yourself to the outside of the monitor.

Courses of driving, sewing, dancing, drawing,Gym and many other classes in groups - a great chance to find friends. This will not only expand the scope of your interests, but also provide a pleasant pastime in society. Joint creativity, the sharing of knowledge and experience, the joy of achievement and support in failure is the beginning of a strong friendship!

There are many other places where you canMeet - it's libraries, cafes, concerts, exhibitions, parks and just on the street. You can even get a dog, because daily walks will provide you not only a good mood and improve your physical form, but also provide a chance to get acquainted with other dog lovers. It is important to be able to show initiative or at least be open and ready for communication.

Who can be called a true friend?

In fact, it is not so important where you met,Only the result is important here. To have a friend means to have the opportunity to be understood and understand, to share problems and joys, to receive and provide support, to look at oneself from outside and to realize oneself, through another.

But it is necessary to understand that the very essence of friendshipConsists not in the parasitic use of another person, but in providing mutual support. Thus, a true friend is sincere and straightforward, he will not use you to achieve personal goals, but will ask if necessary. Therefore, in order to find a true friend, first of all, one must be one. The golden rule of morality is - "Treat people as you want them to treat you," which means if you want to find a friend, be it!

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