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Where to find free web hosting for your site

Where to find free web hosting for your site

Free hosting services are available to host your own Web pages on the Internet.

Today, there are many Russian and foreign companies that provide free tariffs for certain conditions of use.

Find the right resources can be dedicated to the support site for hosting.



Resource HostDB is popular for searchhosting service providers. The project is a functional search for both free and paid tariff plan for webmasters. In drawing up the search query, you can specify the parameters that you need for the job. Then you can compare the proposed results, using the corresponding button on the site.


On the pages of the directory, you can also explore thetestimonials of people who have used one or another hosting provider and see the proposed functionality. After selecting a free hosting, you can directly from the pages of the site go to the resource provider to learn more about the services.


Resource CodeNet is a reference site,which provides a variety of information regarding the performance of servers and hosting providers. Site Functionality includes means for selecting free hosting. Especially this interface is convenient because with it you can find the results in just 5 steps, by the basic requirements for the future of the server.


Directory allows you to find the resources to accommodatesites both in Russia and abroad. When conducting a search, you can specify the language in which web hosting services are, and the number of allocated disk space, presence of PHP, MySQL and Perl, as well as the list of applied technologies for the management of files.


Freehostfinder - a resource that is a baseInformation on the proposals from the foreign hosting companies. The site's interface is in English, but the search functionality of the page is quite clear to even the novice webmaster.


The resource contains a handy list of hostingCompanies, which identifies all the advantages and requirements of each of the hosts. For example, in the table indicate the need to accommodate the hosting of advertising on your site, as well as the presence of ASP and CGI support. In the list of hosts specified overall rating of each company in relation to other providers, terms of use its own website and service options. On each page of the web hosting available a brief description, as well as the percentage of the total operating time without a reboot (uptime).

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