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Where to find free entertainment for the summer

Where to find free entertainment for the summer

That's the long-awaited summer - the time to rest.

Well, when you can go on the sea, or go to a concert of your favorite band, but what to do in my spare time, if there are problems with finances?

It is unlikely that someone wants to spend days sitting at home and doing nothing.

The best solution in this situation - to find free entertainment for the interesting and busy leisure activities in summer days.



With the advent of the Internet, many problems are no longerIt is established. If earlier about free events could learn from newspaper ads, billboards or from friends, today is enough to type in a search engine queries "free entry" and "where to rest for free" to find a variety of leisure activities. However, the search queries is not always convenient, as consuming a lot of time. The easiest way to find ways of leisure activities at special online resources - posters of free activities.


One of these resources is gdebesplatno.ru - poster of the cultural, sporting and social events that take place in Moscow during the week and on weekends. Criteria for selection of events on the site - free entry and free participation. The site Billboard announcements are published free of exhibitions, performances, film screenings, shows, festivals and music concerts. Here you can also find announcements of free seminars, lectures and master classes. In addition, you can choose a free tour, or even a walk in the company of like-minded.


In the poster free entertainment Moscow nahalyavu.com you can also find entertainment for the whole family: hiking and excursions outside the city, free exhibitions and film screenings, concerts and presentations of music albums. And in the bookstore on Rozhdestvenka You can exchange your unwanted books, magazines and CDs with movies on something new.


Interesting events are collected in magazinefree events freemoscow.livejournal.com: birthday Moscow Planetarium (June 12), where you can visit Sky Park, an interactive museum "Lunarium" Big Star Hall and Museum Uranii- Hussar performance of "Czardas" equestrian theater (10 and 18 June) with original number of horses and understanding of mystical poetry evening.


The latest news about free events in MoscowYou can also find an open group of the social network "VKontakte" "Where to go to Moscow? Almost free activities and events. " This is a group where you can learn and share information about everything interesting that happens in the city: concerts, exhibitions, festivals, parties, etc. appartment The announcement has various events with free entry. For example, on June 13 at the "Mansion of Merchant VD Nosov "You can see the movie" Road Jazz "dedicated to Russian-Polish project« Jazz Travel », as well as to visit the exhibition of vinyl jazz records.

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