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Where to find affordable housing in Sochi for the Olympics time

Where to find affordable housing in Sochi for the Olympics time

2014 winter Olympics will be held in Sochi. On this spectacular sporting event I want to get a lot of people - both domestic citizens and representatives of foreign countries.

By purchasing tickets, it is important to take care of housing for this period.

Currently available places to stay are already actively booked.

If you want to find affordable housing option in Sochi, is engaged in its search as soon as possible.

Search and book low-cost rooms in the hotel

At the time of the Sochi Olympics offersa large selection of accommodation options - from luxury rooms in hotels to small rooms in guest houses and economy rooms. Prices for hotels in Sochi is largely dependent on the conditions of accommodation, as well as on location.

Note that the period of theOlympics cost of hotel rooms will be regulated at the state level. The maximum price for a luxury room at a five-star hotel is 13 896 rubles, and the cost of a standard room - 4339 rubles. Seats in economy hotels to a 3 star hotel will cost cheaper.

Early booking will not onlysignificant savings, but also to choose among more options. But a month before the Olympics are unlikely to remain in the budget hotels are empty seats. For information about free places in hotels can be found on the official website of the Common reservation desk of hotel rooms for the Olympics. By calling the call-center offices are available to the hotel.

Search and rental affordable housing in the private sector

Rented apartment or room can domuch cheaper, since in Sochi their rented quite a lot. Remove the housing in the private sector is also better in advance. Before the Olympics the price of it can greatly increase, as those wishing to find an apartment will be substantially greater.

To find affordable housing in the private sector,look for information on the Internet. Apartment owners often post offers the lease without intermediaries in the real estate sites, electronic bulletin boards, web sites of newspapers, as well as in social networks. To save money, you can find accommodation with the less comfortable living conditions.

In addition, you may want to consider such budgetoptions, such as rent beds or placement of a small company in the cottage. Remove the housing can be not only in Sochi, but also in the surrounding area. To get to the venue for sports events of the city you will be able to free public transport, which will be organized during the Olympics.

If you are already vacationing in Sochi previously, tryto negotiate with the same people from whom you rent an apartment. It is possible that they will make you a discount as our regular customers. The most convenient to those who have relatives in the city, friends or acquaintances. Even if they are not able to put you to her, you probably will be able to advise any budget accommodation option from their neighbors or friends.

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