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HOW to make in 16-17 years

Where to earn in 16-17 years

Many young people are looking for an opportunity to earn some money in parallel with studies to be a little freer, or parents not to strain their financial needs.

By law, at the age of sixteen and eighteen years of age can run a very limited time.

However, under such conditions it is possible to earn pocket money.

Official restrictions

Russian Labour Code contains a number ofspecial benefits and guarantees for minors. Labour legislation takes into account the fact that young people first come into the employment relationship with the employer, without having obvious work experience. Therefore they need special protection, and the creation of special health safety conditions. Thus, the Code clearly defines the work of adolescents.
day of work norms for adolescents 14-15 years:
- During the holiday: not more than 5 hours a day, no more than 24 hours a nedelyu-
- In school days: no more than 2.5 hours per day, no more than 12 hours a week.
Adolescents 16-18 years:
- During the holidays: less than 7 hours a day, no more than 35 hours per nedelyu-
- A study days: not more than 4 hours per day, no more than 17.5 hours a week.

Keep in mind that execute minors by the rules, many employers do not like, because it is very costly for them.

Everything else, according to the Russian law,persons under 18 years old are prohibited from engaging in activities that may cause deterioration of the moral, physical and psychological conditions or be harmful to health. Of course, teenagers do not recruit in places where you need to quickly make responsible decisions and deal with harmful substances.

The most popular ways to earn

Putting up flyers
In this work take even adolescents aged 14 years. Paid it is not very generous, but it does not require special skills. Typically, such work is easy to find and not far from the house.
Distribution of flyers and advertisements
Another quite popular type of work forteenagers, who also does not require any specific skills. However, such work is easier to engage in self-confident people with a little bit of charm, because even Seconds interaction with people can become a serious challenge for shy people or clamped.

Do not count on a lot of money when looking for work without certain skills.

You can try to get a job in a cafe or other institution cleaner. Wash the floor, wiping the dust from the surface - this work can be practiced at any age.
Public catering
Fast food - a great place forIt works, if you are young and energetic. Of course, it will have to work hard and give everything to the full, but also money, this work brings quite normal for a teenager. Payment in some cafes hourly, which is very convenient for students who combine work with study.
Courier work
courier work - a good option for teenagers. This work will become familiar with the city, and it can even be enjoyable during the warm season. However, we must understand that courier work is quite exhausting.
the Internet
It is becoming increasingly popular option in earningsInternet. If literacy is all right, you can try yourself in the field of copywriting. If you have basic knowledge of programming and web design - you can start to make simple websites to order.
Network marketing
Cosmetics by catalogs -excellent activity not only for girls but also boys, who have charm. Such work is not bad paid. Earnings depend exclusively from the teenager and his ability to convince a person to make a particular purchase. That is why it is useful to competent and neat appearance for the job.

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