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Where to donate blood in Moscow

The honorable mission of the donor

Ever since time immemorial, people relied on the magical properties of human blood and tried to treat the disease with it.

It was only in the early 17th century English physician and scientist William Harvey was able to discover the law of blood circulation in the human body.

Later this discovery and has made it possible to carry out the first blood transfusion.

blood service

Today, for the ordering of the donor movementRussia created Blood Service, which is a developed structure, which unites all the medical institutions in the country (or separation), for assistance in the preparation, processing, storage and safe use of donor blood. Russian Blood Service has taken over important mission to be the link between the donor giving his blood and a patient in need.

Tasks Blood Service

Uninterrupted supply of medical facilitiesdonor blood and its components. Work with volunteer donors at blood sampling, its survey, processing and separation of blood into structural components. In the center of the direct duties include keeping blood preserved in special storage facilities and transport it to the medical institutions of Russia.
The development of voluntary donor movement inthroughout the country. According to statistics, donors, volunteers, who give their blood for free, provide more reliable data on the state of their health. All regular donors periodically undergo inspection, knowing that their health is directly dependent on the health of patients who require blood transfusion. Today, the blood service continuously provides information and organizational support to all donors.

Who can be a donor

Being a donor can be every able-bodied citizenRussia, in the absence of medical contraindications, whose age is more than 18 years, weight 50 kg, having registered in the region, which will be carried out blood sampling.

Donate blood in Moscow

To date, the Russian capital is nearly 25 stations of blood transfusion (SEC), which take blood only from the Russian citizens. Moscow donors can donate blood at any SEC convenient to them.
Moscow Regional CPC Ul. Metallurgists, 37a. This regional SPK delivers blood materials in Oncology Center and Balashikha near Moscow clinic.
Children's Center of Hematology them. Rogachev, town Ul. S. Machel, 1. In this hospital under treatment children with hematological and oncological diseases. All of them are in dire need of platelets, plasma and blood.
Blood Center PMGMU them. Sechenov, Moscow, B. Pirogovskaya, 2, p. 4. It is one of the oldest blood collection points in Moscow. At the end of 2012 is a completely new building of the blood center was opened. Donated blood is supplied to the patients treated at 19 hospitals that are part of the clinical center.
Institute of Emergency Care. Sklifosovsky, Moscow, pl. B. Sukharevskaya, 3, k. 12. Takes the blood for patients undergoing treatment in the hospital.
In addition to these SPK blood can be taken in anyCity Clinical Hospital in Moscow. To do this, you must know in advance about the schedule and terms of blood collection directly to the hospital, where it is supposed to surrender.

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