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WHERE connect the antenna

To connect the antenna

Many devices are equipped with radios and radio transmitters, provided with inputs for external antennas.

The use of an external antenna instead of the inside allows you to significantly improve the quality of communication.



Radios often provided with slots,designated by the letter A or a sign similar to the letter of the Y, but with an additional third vertical line in the middle. It was at this socket and connect the antenna. If it is outside, it is necessary to provide grozopereklyuchatelem and ground before the storm.


Some receivers have a nest forground. Such devices can not be connected to the receivers powered from the mains without a transformer. On their rear wall there is an inscription "The land is not included." If no receiver slot antenna, but there is a telescopic antenna, it can be connected to the clamp "crocodile" indoor antenna - insulated wire several meters long. The reception will be better.


To improve reception on the low bandsIt can be wound several turns of wire directly on the compact receiver housing so that the resulting coil axis parallel to the axis of the magnetic antenna. One of the terminals of the coil, connect the antenna with the same room.


In early televisions were flat clips300-ohm antenna cable. Now, all provided with TV coaxial socket to connect a 75-ohm cable. To connect this cable with the device using a standard antenna connector. Indoor antenna with 300 ohm flat cable produced so far. Their kit includes an adapter with a matching transformer. Built-in adapter can include a plug coaxial jack.


Modern TV has one slotbroadband antenna operating in all ranges. The old TV can be separate slot antennas VHF and UHF, as well as the additional jack with a voltage divider 10, which is suitable to use with a strong signal. antenna socket may be provided with an inscription Antenna In, Aerial, or similar, or a stylized letter T, as it consists of two letters D - SLR and standard.


Musical centers are equipped with sockets for loopantennas and low frequency ranges Antenna-dipole high-frequency ranges. If you lost the first antenna, wrap ten turns of insulated wire to the frame of ten centimeters in diameter, and connect to the appropriate jacks. If there is no second antenna, take the TV with an indoor antenna 300-ohm flat cable, remove it from the adapter, and connect the transformer to the jacks music center designed for a dipole. Represented clips inscriptions antennas Antenna, Aerial, AM loop (for loop antenna), FM dipole (for a dipole), etc.


Many cell phones have littlecoaxial socket for an external antenna. If no such slot directly on the rear wall, it may be under the battery cover and the openings in the lid may not be. But then, to use an external antenna can be only when the cover is removed, which is inconvenient - the battery may fall out.


Connect and disconnect the antenna must be veryBe careful not to damage the tiny nest. The tip must be factory-made, designed for use with cellular phones. Inscriptions next to the antenna jack is usually no. It is cylindrical, has a diameter of several millimeters and gilded. Sometimes it is not at all, even under the cover.


By CBS radio range (27 MHz) externalantenna connected not 75- and 50-ohm coaxial cable. Antenna plug socket and a standard BNC have a design that avoids falling out through the use of tabs. Include radio to transmit without an antenna should not be - can deteriorate the transmitter amplifier. It can also occur from improper use of the antenna, as well as 75-ohm cable instead of 50-ohm or even just at break in the cable. In the portable radio antenna jack located on top, in the automotive or stationary - on the back.


Satellite dishes are not connected to the receiverdirectly and through the converters, fortified directly on the "plate". For this purpose, special jacks, plugs and cables with low attenuation at significant frequencies. On the same cable supplies power and control on the converter. Jack converter is located at the rear of the receiver.

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