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Where to complain to the provider

Where to complain to the provider

Provider - a company that provides servicescommunication (Internet, digital TV, etc.) to subscribers. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the connection, speed, range of services, or anything else, have every right to complain to the provider.

However, phone calls and threats in the support often do not have the effect.

How competently to make a complaint and where to send it?



The relationship between the provider and the subscriberare regulated by the Federal Law №126-FZ of 07.07.2003, as amended on 01.01.2014, the Rules of rendering telematic communication services and the law "On protection of consumer rights» (№2300-1 from 02.07.1992, as amended on 01.09.2013).


If you are not satisfied with the selected tariff rate ofconnection, the cost of the service provider or a payment system, you can refer to for explanations help desk, ask a consultant to assist you in choosing a suitable tariff. Re-read the contract concluded with the company providing you web. One of the most common tricks is to specify the speed. If the document is written to a 40 Mbit / s, this means the speed and 25, and 30 and 35, and 40 Mbit / s. Usually, conscientious providers support the maximum available rate for your connection speed.


The provider has the right to change the amount of payment for services without notifying users. You must report in writing. If not, write a statement to the Federal Service.


When you decide to suspend or terminatea contract with the provider, you do not have anything to pay for it. The exception is the temporary closure of access to services, for example, if you are going on a business trip or on vacation and for some time will not use the Internet. In the case of a temporary blockage of the provider is entitled to charge you money. Usually it is enough insignificant amount, which is known in advance.


If the company asks to pay finaloff equipment, termination of the contract, this solicitation, which is contrary to paragraph 25 of the Rules of telematic services. According to the same Regulation (paragraph 29), you have the right to refuse to pay. If the company still needs to have money, it is an occasion of drawing up the statement in the Federal Service.


If you often have to call the servicetechnical support, when the Internet is lost, be sure to leave a request for inspection of the equipment. Ask the consultant or engineer tell you the number of the application. This number must be written to specify in the statement. If the connection is not available on a regular basis, and service fee, you still charge, ask neighbors or friends to confirm that fact, making the act of violation of the quality of communication. Act may be written in free form, but the witnesses must indicate their name, first name, address of residence and put a personal signature.


If the provider does not respond to such acts andthe situation remains unchanged, contact Rossvyaz complaint. Documents (complaint and acts) can be sent by registered letter with notice and list of contents. Your complaint must consider within one month of receipt.


On a single fault in the first placeshould be reported to the ISP support. The specialist will help you identify the problem and solve it (if the problem is in your computer, operating system, etc.) or make an application for engineers. In some cases, problems with the Internet caused by force majeure (power failure at a substation, a hurricane damaged the equipment, heavy snowfall). In this case, you have no choice but to accept an apology from the consultant and wait for the fault.


If the claim is rejected and is not satisfied, contact the Federal Service. In this case, you should make a complaint in the form of a statement, the contract with the provider, the receipt of payment services.

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