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WHERE complain about the elevator


Problems in the elevator - a headacheresidents of high-rise buildings. In the operation of the lifting device detected a variety of defects and damage, and is not always clear who is responsible for them.

For most operational solution to the problem it is important to know where to go in the first place and who require the proper performance of the services for which you pay.

You will need

  • - phone
  • - Contact the service organization
  • - The complaint in writing



Call dispatching service servingorganization. According to the Decree of the State Construction Committee, the 27.09.2003 №170 «On approval of rules and standards of housing technical operation," the management company (homeowners, building society, etc.) must troubleshoot the elevator during the day since treatment. The decision also spelled out above, if a defect occurs in the evening, at night or on the weekend, you should call the emergency service of the city.


Refer to the servingorganization. If, after a call to the dispatcher service required no response and the problem with the elevator remained unresolved, it is necessary to apply to the operating organization is directly a written complaint. The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 491 from 13.08.2006 of the year indicated that the elevator is part of the common property of an apartment building, for which the management company must be properly supervised. The duties of public utilities also includes maintenance of common property in a clean and carry out the necessary repairs.


Find out in the real causes of the management companymalfunction of the elevator. If the lifting device in your home does not work for a long time, it is possible that it requires costly expertise or even a complete replacement of elevator equipment, and this is not the responsibility of those involved in municipal issues. Nevertheless, representatives of the service organization must give you a full explanation and the prospects for resolving the problem.


Contact the Office of Rostekhnadzor. This action should be taken if a written request from your service provider has not brought results. Another reason to go to higher authorities - is the refusal of the management company to take your complaint. In these cases, lawyers are advised to write to the prosecutor.

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