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Where to complain if bad drown

Where to complain if bad drown

Winter, as usual, comes suddenly and unexpectedly.

And with it come the cold, not only in outdoor environments, but also apartments, if they do not work well battery.

Of course, when it's cold in its own housing, which should be warm in the winter months, you should know what to do and where to go to complain.



If your heating system in the apartmentIt refers to a standalone, but very cold in it, in spite of the height of the heating season, determine the position for the start of your porch and nearby. That is, you want to learn how batteries perform poorly throughout the house. As if poor heating overcomes the problem only your apartment, maybe it is just a poor performance radiators.


When the batteries are almost warm in all the entrance and thea residential house, the problem should be solved jointly by all tenants. Ask neighbors to take readings of thermometers the temperature in their apartments on the clock for several days. The rate of temperature in a residential area in the heating season - not lower than 18 ° C. The corner apartment, it should not be below 20 ° C.


From the testimony of the interior temperaturevarious apartments of your home, refer to your controller housing management company. Leave the control room zhilupravleniya application for checking temperature in the apartments of your home.


After the respective heat checksYour accommodation is an act of the state of heating in the house, with the signing of two sides. Since then, the housing company is obliged to eliminate the causes that affect the chill in the sponsored home. If no action on the part of the housing management office is taken, and the house is still cold, collect a package of documents on the transfer of the claim in court by your tenants. The agenda of your complaint to the court - the protection of consumers' rights.


With your hand to the court must be fileda statement signed by all the disgruntled tenants and housing complaint against the management company for inaction. Also attach to the application copies of acts on the inspection of housing conditions that were carried out in your home. It would take the package with the documentation to the court copies of documents proving your identity and that you are the owner of the apartment in which the heating does not work.

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