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Where to celebrate the birth of a child 1 year

Where to celebrate the birth of a child 1 year

The first day of birth of the baby - this is an important and significant event in his life and in the life of grandparents, grandparents and parents.

Despite the fact that pipsqueak hardly remember a holiday, it is certainly him sincerely rejoice.

Where to celebrate

The child, who turns 1 year old, eventoo small to celebrate the holiday in any entertainment center, coffee shop or on the carousel. The most preferred option is a celebration carried out at home or at the cottage. First, the familiar surroundings calming effect on the baby, and if he was very tired, it can be put to bed. Second, on hand all the necessary things - clothing, favorite toys.

How to celebrate

This important date is most often noted in the circlethe closest people: parents baby, his grandparents and godparents. Sometimes invite family friends. Especially fun is the crumbs, if guests also have small children, because the children will be able to stop playing together.
Be sure to decorate an apartment or room, inwhich will be a celebration. The most common variant of jewelry today - decoration with balloons. They will create a joyful, relaxed, carefree atmosphere, breathe the smell of childhood in the familiar furniture of the house. Give guests a colorful caps and kids - rims with eyelets or ribbons. Some parents prepare a large poster with photos of the children of that series illustrates the changes that have occurred since their crumbs for the first year of his life.
Lately it has become fashionable to invitechildren's clown parties, magician or animator. But do not do it at that age. At 1 year old child is still too young to understand all the entertainment that artists prepare for it. However, he will almost certainly be afraid of strangers, and the mood may be spoiled.


Be sure to pay special attention to the name daycake. Despite the fact that at this age, few children eats sweets, bright appearance is sure to delight baby and invitees. Do not forget to light a candle. Let the birthday boy with the help of adults will blow it under the general applause. The child must feel that the festival is arranged in his honor.
At the time of blowing the candles made guessinga wish. Make it your own child can not. Offer to help the guests. Let everyone write their wish on a piece of paper and then read aloud. These leaves are stored by parents, will be a wonderful memory of the first day of the birth of the beloved child.
Dedicate all day baby. Dance together, holding the baby in her arms, take pictures and remember the pleasant and difficult moments related to the maturation of the little man. Enjoy this holiday together, because this date is very important not only for the child, but primarily for his mom and dad.

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