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Where to catch walleye

Where to catch walleye

Sudak - predatory fish, it is found in lakes and rivers of the Baltic Sea, the Caspian, Black, Azov, Aral Seas. It is the largest member of the order perch.

Pike can weigh up to 20 kg, but usually large fishes weigh 8-10 kg.

Arriving on a fishing trip in an unfamiliar place,try to ask for a better place walleye fishing with locals. Usually it is caught in the shallows, in the habitat of bleak, at the exit of the pits and underwater brovok. Pike are biting on rotating and oscillating spinners all over the open water. In the warm season the fish is kept close to the bottom, so it is easier to catch the bait fish foam.

Lures are more suitable when walleye timegregarious hunt. This period starts from mid-July, then the fish lives at a shallow depth. During the open water to catch more successful spinning. Pike swims to the surface of the water two or three times a day in the habitat of bleak, which it feeds. When the feed is lost, the fish swims back to the bottom. The depth to which must go spinners - 0.5-1 meter.

A good place for catching walleye is the beach. It is advisable to choose a site with a sharp difference in depth. In a place like the flow becomes slower, and near the coast can be formed opposite the jet. Do not catch a walleye on a sandy area with no vegetation, it is not found there, because there is no food, no shelter from predators.

Sudak typically uses a specific route. He slowly floats almost to the bottom at a distance of 10-15 meters from the water's edge. At the end of the way the fish returns to the beginning of the route. Use various lures twisters, spinners and foam fish. Throw-spinning across the river at a distance of 20-25 meters.

Try to avoid places where a lot of hooks: building boards, a pile of stones, a lot of branches, driftwood, etc. On this site with fish, but there is a risk that you lose your bait. You can try to catch walleye in a place like this, you simply select the jig-head, which has a spherical shape and not get stuck in the garbage.

In summer, walleye can be caught around the clock, but inDuring the day it changes its disposition several times. For two or three hours before sunrise fish is found in the small brow. On a deeper curb fish swims in four or five hours, six to nine hours perch again looking for another place. The most opportune time - in the afternoon at 11 and 15 hours, and in the evening - in the 18-19 hours, on the same edge, where it is fed in the morning.

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