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Where to call if the car were evacuated

Where to call if the car were evacuated

Out on the street, and a car in a place where it was parked there - with such a situation often faced by residents of large cities. And it is not that the car was stolen.

Most cars are often lost during the evacuation.

Therefore, the traffic police recommends the first to ring the phone numbers belonging to the services responsible for evacuees cars.

However, not all motorists know these phones.

The question is, where to call, interested in eachmotorist who found that his car was gone from the parking lot. Experienced violators easier, they are already familiar with the instructions for rescuing evacuees cars. For beginners, there is a number of tips, compiled by experts.

What to do if your car is evacuated

If the car has been evacuated without you, I do notpanic. For starters gather, because you need a cold mind and calm the nerves, because to run, to rescue his iron horse will have quite a lot.
The first dial "102". That the police will confirm the fact of the evacuation, not theft. They have all the details on where conducted sweeps, and collected materials on all offenders - number and brand uvozimyh cars.

Job MIA fairly quickly, so almost immediately after the evacuation of all the data on the transported machine will be presented in the main control.

Then you have to find out on what kind ofshtrafstoyanku can take away your car. There are usually in large cities such as Moscow, there are many. Check address, you can call a single help desk utilities, traffic police helpline. You can simply call the urban background. In response to the request can provide information on the locations of existing sites in the city.

Be prepared for the fact that one hundred] APIS these may be in different parts of the city. And if you have previously not get through to them, will have to run around town in search of his car.

Before you set out for your car,you need to drive the relevant resolution of the central office GSPTS or one of its departments. There you will have to submit a number of documents, which include:
- driver's license-
- Vehicle registration certificate materials-
- Policy OSAGO-
- Civil passport auto owner
- Power of attorney, if you go through it.
You will receive the following documents, based on which you will return the car:
- Report on the detention of transport materials-
- Permission to reentrant
- The receipt of the fine to be paid within the prescribed legislation sroki-
- The document on payment of car evacuation.

What you need to consider taking the car to the car pound

Taking a car with the car pound, necessarilyinspect it for possible damage. Remember that after you leave the territory of the parking lot, to make a complaint about the new scratches, possibly abandoned tow truck would be virtually impossible.
You should also check whether that of the cars did not disappear. If damage or loss of valuables, immediately call the police outfit and create a log.
If you left the car documents inthe glove compartment of a car, will have to first go to the car pound to rescue them. After all, without them GSPTS not give you permission to get the car. In the parking lot you will have to arrange the opening act, collect documents, and then complete all the act of sealing cars. You can then go to GSPTS and go through the entire process in full. It is worth remembering that the car parking is not free spetsstoyanku. If the registration procedure will be delayed for a few days, you will have to pay extra even the time that your car stayed under arrest.

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