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Where to buy shares of Sberbank

Where to buy shares of Sberbank

In order to preserve and increase capital, they need to be profitable to invest as much as possible. This may be the currency gold deposit.

But the most profitable purchase of shares can be called prosperous enterprise.

Robust action - a stable profit

Among the Russian and CIS banks in the first place byall positions are occupied by Sberbank of Russia. It belongs to him 25% of the assets of the Russian Federation. This bank is reliable, because, unlike on-skorospelok banks, its history goes back over a hundred years (one more guarantee of success). The position of Sberbank of Russia in the financial system is stable, so shareholders every year are entitled to an appropriate profit.

The dividend amount is set by the general meeting of shareholders of the Savings Bank of Russia.

Where to buy

If you are not a broker, the availability of the required amountenough. It is impossible to make a purchase "from hand to hand" for an individual, this process is not available. Russian law reserves this right exclusively for brokerage companies and investment centers. Therefore, in Russia the acquisition of shares is only possible through cooperation with the two stock exchanges - RTS and MICEX (Moscow International Currency Exchange) or the investment company "Zurich Capital Management".
Signing the contract with professionals coming onthe stock market, it is necessary to investigate the system offers. The attention of the consumer provided the ordinary shares and preference shares. The difference between them is at the nominal value and the crushing ratio (corresponding to 1: 1000 and 1:20). Information on the issue of shares, change their quotations on the date set out in the Bank's website in the relevant section.

How to buy shares

On the page of the site set out the terms of brokerage, customer focuses on the features of the secondary market. Thus, the purchase of shares occurs in stages:
- Signing of the contract with an intermediary company,
- The completion of a broker account,
- The purchase of shares through the Internet trading (sale-purchase through the Internet).

Transactions are mostly made on the Moscow stock exchange. The value of securities depends on many factors, such as economic, political.

Sberbank of Russia provides the necessaryinformation, but it does not guarantee that the purchase of its shares will be profitable. That is, to think, to analyze and solve only to be a potential buyer. The positive performance in the past does not guarantee one hundred percent profit in the future, although the bank's promotional package and is among the most stable.

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