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Where to buy Galaxy III

Where to buy Galaxy III

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy III is positioned by developers as a model of innovation in its class.

The phone can easily contact the person to recognize its owner's face, voice or gestures.

That is why there are many who want to buy a Galaxy III.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - a computer-
  • - international passport.



Get innovative phone model fromSamsung's special sales points, available in almost all cities of Russia. These include shops MTS (RTS), «Euroset», Computer World, «MegaFon», "Kay," Svyaznoy and so on. The price of Galaxy III, the availability of the smartphone, as well as special promotions are available to the selling store. In order not to go just like that, you better call the store of interest and specify all questions. Addresses of stores and additional outlets can be found on the site samsung.com.


With the help of the Internet it is possible to not onlyspecify the address of retail stores, but also to buy Galaxy III. For example, an offline store and have Svyaznoy online version, where you can learn more about the characteristics of the target phone, view prices and possible ways to buy on credit.


There are also online stores that produceGalaxy III sale only through the network. For example, Android service (android-root.ru) or "TsentrSvyazi". The site is fully read the information on the sale, delivery and warranty for the selected product. In some stores, there are points of issue, some only work with home delivery.


Buy Galaxy III is possible and through the sites wheresell your things ordinary people. For example, there are proposals on the phone at molotok.ru. In the implementation of such a purchase, be prepared that the appearance may not necessarily be ideal, because the phone has been used. But, sometimes, re-sell and brand new things. Well, if the seller is from your city or the nearest settlement. Be sure to check purchased goods on availability, check availability guarantees.


If you or someone you know are going on vacationin Europe, you can buy a Galaxy III at any electronics store. However, here we must be careful: the practice of sale of mobile technology at a lower price, but with a contract from a local mobile operator for 2 years in the US and Europe. Ask opportunity to buy a Galaxy III and the price for it without any SIM card. Ask arrange check TaxFree, to take advantage of tax refund at the border crossing.

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