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Where to buy crayons for hair

Where to buy crayons for hair

Crayons hair - fashion trend of 2013. This is an easy way to stand out from the crowd and bring a bright accent to your look.

Easy to use and flushing with each passing month makes this new product more popular.

Crayons hair - a great way to change its image. They are completely harmless and are washed away in one or two bathing head.
Crayons are equally nice and bright and will lookon brunettes, and blondes. In light hair look better pink, red and purple hues. In the dark hair look spectacular saturated purple, turquoise and blue combined with green shades. Crayons with nacre create professional coloring effect.

How to use crayons hair

Crayons come in two forms: dry in the form of a conventional art pastels and fat in the form of eye shadow.
Before using better cover the shoulders with a towel, as the dust of chalk will stain all around. If dark hair, for greater color intensity, you can moisten with water.
If the crayons in a pastel strand must betwist a tourniquet, and then paint over the chalk hair. Crayons in the form of eye shadow is used, pressing a finger to lock palettes, and slowly moving to the ends of the hair.
To fix the result, you need to sprinkle hair lacquer. Nor should comb your hair dyed.
To wash away the chalk, you will need to brushnatural bristle. Directing a stream of water on the painted lathered locks, comb it, washing out pigment. Soiled clothes properly clean chalk conventional powder.
Crayons hair do not contain toxins and can be used even children. The only condition - should not use them too often to avoid drying hair.

Where to buy crayons for hair

Crayons hair sold individually and as apaletok containing from 5 to 36 shades. Buy them can be in the shops of professional tools for hair, beauty salons. There you can get advice and even ask the master to show by example how to use them.
Some cosmetic brands, for example, The Body Shop or KIKO, releasing limited crayons collection for hair, which can be purchased at their retail stores.
Numerous groups in social networks,the Ebay online auction, sites with Chinese goods - a place where you can get crayons hair and at the same time save money. Delivery will take from two weeks to one month.
Some people instead of crayons, speciallyintended for hair, use an ordinary art pastel, which is sold in any shop for artists. By choosing this option, buy a soft pastel.

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