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Where to buy armor

Where to buy armor

Every man though ever so imagined himself a knight clad in armor and perform feats for the sake of a beautiful lady.

Today, with the abundance of specialty shopsoffering armor at any age, to buy them presents no particular difficulties, but select the appropriate armor of the entire mass of the proposed, it is quite difficult.

Shop "World of Antiquities"

This shop, specializing primarily inenactors and historical fencing, offer for sale all sorts of armor, including those belonging to the knight. Here you can buy a full set of armor, as well as some of its elements. In addition, here you can freely choose between different types of knight's armor.
From knight's armor this store offersMail representing dlinnorukavnuyu chainmail, brigantnye representing a plate riveted to the fabric and, finally, the plate representing the monolith shining armor.

Shop "Donjon"

Shop "Donjon" also specializes inreenactors. It offers a similar range of armor, as in "Antiquities of the World", with similar prices. The difference is that you can buy some of the individual elements of the armor, which is not always in the previous store.

Shop "The Forge"

Proposal for a part of knight's armor in theshop a little poorer than the previous, but in no way inferior to their quality. A full suit of armor will not buy here, but some of its elements are enough. And accessories such knightly armor as a shield and a sword, here are much cheaper.

Armor offered "Forge" shops,"Donjon" and "Antiquities of the World" are designed for full contact historical medieval battle. They not only can you put against the wall, and chopped them with steel swords in the tournament.

Shop "Bastion"

This shop offers mostly souvenirarmor and weapons made in accordance with their real historical prototypes. store assortment is quite diverse and the buyer is not only different kinds of knight's armor, but also Russian, Mongolian, Japanese and others. Armor is sold already dressed for the corresponding dummy and prepared for indoor installation.

Shop "Edison"

Here you can buy exclusive souvenirsarmor and items of various types and sizes. Armor is already placed on the stand and ready to install. In addition to the full-armor, you can buy miniature suits of armor are suitable for installation on tables and lockers.

Shop Gold Legion

The store gives the customer a choice ofsets of armor, like a fantasy. and close to the historical prototype. A special feature of this store is that it sells souvenir armor from well-known foreign manufacturers.

Souvenir armor offered by shops"Bastion", "Edison" and the Gold Legion designed exclusively to decorate the room. Determined to fight them, there is a risk to spoil the armor and get injured.

The high price is compensated by the quality of productsmanufacturing and metals that make up the armor. This allows them to serve and retain high-quality appearance much longer than other similar armor.

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