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WHERE TO apply for a passport


The Russian passport is an obligatory document for every citizen of the Russian Federation.</a>

A passport is the main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation, without which you simply can not do without.

For the first time you receive it at the age of 14, after reaching the age of 20 and 45, it must be exchanged with the help of state structures.

You will need

  • - birth certificate-
  • - receipt for payment of state duty-
  • - two color photos 3,5х4,5 cm-
  • - a document confirming your Russian citizenship-
  • - documents required for affixing marks in the passport.



To get a passport of a Russian citizenFederation, a resident of Russia should apply to the regional branch of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation at the place of residence or at the place of residence, having a temporary registration. If the need to replace a passport caught you in a foreign city, you are entitled to obtain a passport in any FMS subdivision at the place of application without any explanation.


When applying to the department of the FMS, you will receive a listDocuments that you will need to submit to the employees of the department for obtaining a passport. If you get such an important document for the first time, you will need to write an application for issuing a passport, present two color photographs of 3.5x4.5 cm, a birth certificate, a document showing that you are a citizen of Russia, as well as a receipt for payment of state duty.


If you update your passport after reaching 20Or 45 years old, you will also need to produce the documents necessary to create the required marks (military ticket, birth certificate of the child, etc.). For the period of manufacturing the passport you get a temporary certificate, which is valid until you receive the document.


You can apply forRussian passport, using the services of a single portal of state and municipal services - Gosuslugi.ru. To apply, you need to register on the portal, providing contact information about yourself. The contact data placed on this resource are protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation and no one can use them for personal gain.


When registering a passport through the Internet, you canSave a lot of time, while using the site of government services does not affect the time of this document. After reviewing your application on the portal, you will be asked to appear at the nearest FMS department along with all the necessary documents.

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