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Where to teach restaurant business

Where to teach restaurant business

Restaurants - one and the most popular types of business activity in the service sector. But that such a company is really flourishing, not only that in it was good food.

As in any professional field, it is desirable that the restaurant worked qualified staff - from managers to waiters.

The necessary skills are available to experience, but it is much faster to do it by studying in a special school or a course.

Features of training restaurant business

If you want to engage seriously in the restaurantbusiness or make it their profession, without higher professional education you can not do. As a specialty of the profile manager in the field of demand, many universities offer paid training hotel and restaurant business. And, despite the fact that the cost of this training is between 1,000 to $ 2,500 per year to many prestigious universities, there is quite a big competition for admission. There are, of course, the budget places, but they are, unfortunately, very little.
When choosing a specialty, should decide on thespecialty: you can become a manager or an economist-organizer, is a different trend in the service sector. Specialists with economic profile, are engaged in developing a strategy and pricing policy, through which the company catering can withstand the fierce competition that exists in this area. Those who specialize in organizational directions, will be engaged in the selection and training of staff to perform administrative functions and generally be responsible for the successful operation of the restaurant.

What Moscow universities train specialists of restaurant business

Those who are more interested in the economic siderestaurant business, it is possible to enter the Russian Academy of Economics - the famous "Plehanovku" (REA) and the Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS). "Organizers" are prepared at the Russian Peoples' Friendship University (PFUR). Specialists of both profiles are prepared at the Moscow Academy of Tourism and Hospitality at the Government of Moscow (MATGRB) and the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of the Moscow State University of Service.
On admission to the specialty "OrganizationRestaurant Business "need knowledge of foreign and Russian languages, as well as history and geography, for admission to the economic profession also need to be familiar with mathematics. At the examinations will need to pass the test in two subjects and interview, which will be determined by aptitude.

Study abroad

Get International certificateprofessional specialization in the restaurant business, we can and abroad. Training is focused on training effective managers in the field, at the end of some schools you can get bachelor's and master's degree, and a diploma that will open doors for you the most exclusive restaurants.

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