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Where they filmed the movie "The Diamond Arm"

Where the film "The Diamond Arm"

Eccentric Soviet comedy "The Diamondhand "boasts a wide geography of shootings. The viewer is shown and a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea on the white liner, and the narrow streets of the eastern city of sultry and hometown economist Seeds Gorbunkova, accidentally caught in a criminal cover.

Shooting schedule was as tight as a light and flashing turned movie.

Episodes in Moscow and Moscow region

Filming began April 25, 1968 at 9 ammorning at Mosfilm. There pavilions were created apartments and Operations Count, or Geshi Kozodoeva. Later, in the halls of Mosfilm Gorbunkova rented an apartment, the captain's cabin of the ship, a hotel room and restaurant fatal seductress "Weeping Willow".
We were in Moscow and on location. One of them took place on Leninsky Prospekt, opposite the side entrance to the Park of Culture and Leisure Gorky. There, on the steps of the underground toilets, Gorbunkov meets scare his character with a medallion in the form of a skull on his hairy chest. In the department store at the Komsomolsk Avenue filmed scenes in a thrift shop where beautiful blonde Anna S. promises Gorbunkova gown with pearl buttons, when he visited her at the hotel. On a vacant lot in Kuntsevo filmed the scene where Chef puts on clean-trees and is a tin can with coins, which is there and hid himself.

Intimidating type on the stairs was notprofessional actor and journalist "Change" Leonid Pleshakov. He was invited to perform this role because of the characteristic appearance, and he agreed, in exchange for an interview with Yury Nikulin.

Car scenes were filmed in the suburbs - inPavlovskaya Sloboda. It was there that raced along the forest lanes newcomer "Moskvich" Chef, Lelik Gorbunkova drove a car wash to «without noise and dust" take off his plaster with diamonds, chased after them on a motorcycle Gesha Nighthawks.

Filming on the Black Sea

Basically nameless town, where there isthe main action of the film, shot on the Black Sea resorts - Sochi and Adler. May 17 crew relocated to the Adler hotel "Horizon". In the same scene shot and the M, which is famous as "Mikhail Svetlov", but in fact was called "Victory". However, Leonid Gaidai loved works of the poet Mikhail Svetlov, he asked for a day to rename the ship. Name changed even in the rescue community and all the scenes on the boat were shot in a single day.

After the film's release and his sensational success with the public first Launched ship was named "Mikhail Svetlov".

For the main battle with the smugglers in the central region of Sochi specially built car wash. After the filming of it earned in the normal mode.
A failed fishing on the White rock filmednear Tuapse. The sound echoed over the water well, so heart-rending cries for help heard of the character Andrei Mironov to the beach, two kilometers from the filming location. Vacationers are alarmed, the boat was sent for the salvation of man. But as soon as the boat approached the drowning man, there was a terrible roar of the speaker: "Comrades! Get out of the frame! Go shoot! ".

City diamond hand

In August, the crew moved to Bakufilming Arab city, where the fatal fall of the hero from the pharmacy - shelter smugglers. Street next to the pharmacy - an old Baku street Small Fortress. Here Yuri Nikulin long tried to slip on a banana peel, but only in vain tormented bananas - rare in those days the fruits that have bought specially for this frame. When bananas were over, the hero had slipped on the watermelon rind, fortunately, watermelons in Baku was a lot.

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