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WHERE to celebrate the prom


Where to celebrate the prom</a>

Graduation parties are now more popular than ever.

End of kindergarten, primary school,University - all this is an excellent occasion to assemble a friendly company and demonstrate specially purchased for this occasion outfit. The headache of the parents is the search for a place for the celebration.

And such that the children were under supervision, and the parents themselves could relax a little.

In order to celebrate graduation in kindergarten,Need a little. The budget option is to invite the animators directly into the group and for a couple of hours to give children the power of games and contests. As decoration, you can use balloons and paper posters. By the way, the graduates themselves can be involved in the implementation of the latter, entrusting them wall newspapers, making garlands, flags and other ornaments. Parents will contribute to the design of the festive sweet table. As a rule, children do not need a lot: cakes, unsweetened sandwiches, bright canapés and sweet soda or tea. You can send a group to the children's center, where they will be followed by experienced workers who will provide both sweets and game content of the holiday. Discuss the financial aspects of the questions preferably in the presence of all parents in advance, so that before the graduation there were no unpleasant surprises and insults.

Graduation in primary school can also be conductedIn the classroom or in the assembly hall. Teachers will be interested, together with the children, to prepare a theatrical performance on the school topic. Well, the children will gladly take on the role of the hosts of the holiday, and after the show they will sit with their parents at the covered tea table. Celebrating the graduation in a cafe is inappropriate, because a holiday is not only food, but also a pleasant experience of communication and games. To carry on the nature of junior schoolchildren is also undesirable. You simply can not provide them with proper security.

The most, of course, the main graduation party in lifeEach person passes at the end of the school. Yesterday's schoolchildren feel already quite grown up in order to celebrate the holiday "for real". In this case, there are several options for the evening. You can go all the class to the camp site. To do this, it is necessary to agree in advance on the housing, dining room or places for shish kebabs. Be sure to bring with you funds from mosquitoes and midges, as well as medicines against allergies. But with alcohol it is worth to be more careful: the fragile organisms do not tolerate a combination of fresh air and strong spirits. Yes, and you can relax much more diverse if you take a volleyball net, a ball and a guitar instead of beer.

Expensive option for renting a night clubSuitable for residents of large cities. There they will get not only a chance to hang out for their money, but also a decent menu, a bar card and a presenter. Girls should choose two outfits: solemn for the ceremony of handing certificates and a short disco. You can get to the club either independently or in an organized manner by ordering a large bus. A holiday in a cafe or club is convenient because you will not have to worry about anything, including an entertainment program. As a rule, all schools book the place of the prom in advance, so you will have to decide in the fall, collect money and pay for the reservation.

Wherever you celebrate the graduation party, be sure to bring a camera or video camera. Because, paraphrasing an old song, this will never happen again. Enjoy the moment!

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