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Where the film "The King's Speech"

Where the film The King's Speech

Historical film Tom Hooper's "The King's Speech"He tells us about the king of Great Britain George VI and his struggle with a speech impediment. This masterpiece of cinema, released in 2010, plunges us into the atmosphere of the 30-ies of XX century.

The creators of the film was a difficult task - to show the audience London almost a century ago, as well as to recreate the royal apartments.

The lion's share of historical films success dependshow exactly to its creators managed to convey the atmosphere of the time, which is the story. Events of the film "The King's Speech" took place in the 30-ies of XX century in the midst of the Great Depression. The first scenes of the movie were filmed in the area of ​​Southwark in south London. For the filming of the movie directors have transformed an entire street. On the walls hung huge posters products of that time and even calls to join the Nazi Party. The streets are gravel and building slipped soot. In those years, he could in London was so thick that drivers stray from the path. In order to recreate this could, directors pumped into the air so much artificial smoke that in nearby stores howled fire siren.

Scenes at Westminster Abbey were shot inCouncil Or. Originally scheduled for shooting in the Abbey, but government permission could not be obtained. Westminster Abbey - this is one of the main attractions of the UK, so the authorities did not consider it possible to close the area for tourists, even for a couple of days. Cathedral or very close to the abbey in its architecture. In addition, due to the impressive size of the building operators have been able to remove not only the coronation, but the process of preparing for the ceremony.

Scenes were filmed at Buckingham Palace inLancaster House, a government building in the city center. On the rent of the building took daily? 20,000. The Council of Succession 1936, held in St. James's Palace, was shot in Dreypers Hall, a building with ancient architecture. Richly decorated and spacious Livery Hall of the building perfectly matched the solemn event - who ascended the throne the monarch was surrounded by flags and images of his predecessors on the throne.

The very first scene of the film, the closing ceremonyBritish Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium in 1925, starred in the football stadium Elland Road Stadium and Odsal. The crew made the rostrum inflatable "doll" interspersed with extras dressed in clothes of the time.

The last scenes of the movie were filmed in the roomsBBC. Filming historical drama ended August 31, 2010. After the screens "The King's Speech" has received the highest honors of Review and was awarded the "Oscar" awards in four categories.

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