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Where the film Matchmakers

Where the film was shot Matchmakers

Shooting of the popular television series "matchmakers" have occurred not only in Russia but also in Ukraine.

Individual episodes were shot in the amazing beauty of the places in Turkey and the Crimea.

Liked by the audience the film "matchmakers" caused a lot ofDisputes about where it is shooting. In particular, it was a lot of disagreement about Kuchugury village. This title has at least two settlements: in the Krasnodar Territory and the Voronezh region. Climate and nature in these towns almost no different, so the audience had doubts: which of them the shooting occurred "matchmakers"?
On a variety of forums, when in the process of communicationit turned out that the other person residing in those or other Kuchugarah, he was asked to talk about the process of filming and what were the impressions. However, it appears that neither of these items has not been made any double. All the shooting took place in Crimea. But not only there.

Where filming "matchmakers", and what is

First "matchmakers" was shot in Kiev. "Matchmakers-2" - in Kiev and St. Petersburg. In the city on the Neva filmed only a few scenes, the main base of the film was created in Ukraine. Many viewers own guess where shot a third "matchmakers": the shot hit the outdoor advertising, which is made in the Ukrainian language. The final scene of the film took place in the airport "Borispol". The fourth part of the series was filmed in Yalta. Namely - in a small hotel, located in the middle of Massandra park.
In the "Swat-4" camp visits frames, where the restJack, were shot in two suitable for this purpose, "Artek" and Kemer, which is located in Turkey. To be precise, the actors and crew were not in the town of Kemer, and 20 km of it. If we take as a landmark of the city of Antalya airport, it is 7 km away. The house on the beach, where the two men lived - Villa Amara Dolce Vita.
Episodes of the cable car, which rolledAroseva Olga and Vladimir Zeldin, starred in "Ai-Petri". Frames with Kirkorov, and other popular actors were filmed in the famous wine-producing plant "Massandra". This property is closed for visits, but for the "matchmakers" have made an exception. Start the fifth film takes place in Moscow. Main same shooting - in Kiev and around this city. "Matchmakers-6" completely filmed in Kiev.

On the Ukrainian shootings

The solution that will be the main base of the filmcreated in the Crimea was made with an ulterior motive on the Ukrainian territory. The premise was that the Crimea is famous for its climate and nature, has long been considered the edge of legends, fine wine and an abundance of warmth and sun. All the frames of the series on the Ukrainian land were captured only in the early summer and autumn, as in these weather conditions, the film crew was easier to work. planned output of the seventh part of the "matchmakers" in 2014.

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