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Where is the boundary of Europe and Asia

Where is the border of Europe and Asia

Eurasian continent has no clear boundaries within themselves.

Location of Europe and Asia are often revised, it disputed changed.

To date, the border between the continents designated officially, but many scientists do not fully agree with the decision.

The official border between Asia and Europe

The border is very difficult to hold on the continent. Between Asia and Europe, it is constantly changing its shape. This occurred due to the progressive development of the Ural mountains and Siberia land.
Official division of the continent into two(In the direction of the North-South) it was carried out in 1964. At the 20th Congress of the International Geographical Union, scientists drew a clear line, the boundary between Asia and Europe. The following provision has been recorded from these data.
Home boundary takes in the Kara Sea,Baidarata Bay. Further, the dividing line runs through the eastern part of the Ural Mountains and follows down the east of the Perm region. Thus, Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg are located in Asia.
Then the border runs along the Ural River, goes intoOrenburg region and goes down to the northern part of Kazakhstan. There it "picks up" the river Emba and descends directly into the Caspian Sea. Leaving the northern coast of the Caspian Sea to Europe, the border comes to the Kuma River, and along with it crosses the northern part of the Caucasus Mountains. Next, the path runs along the Don to the Azov Sea and then, and the Black. The last border between Asia and Europe "follows" in the Bosphorus, where it ends.

Finishing in the Bosporus Strait, the interface on two continents Istanbul. As a result, in it there are two parts: the European and Asian (eastern).

Towards the border encountered a few states,she happily "divides" on two continents. This applies to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey. It should be noted that the latest "get" most of all: the interface between the two parts of its capital.

Recommendations regarding the location of the boundaries

However, after the official borderdisputes and arguments about it not subsided. Scientists claim the impossibility of a clear line on any external / internal parameters. For example, vegetation, climate or soil. The only real measure - the geological history of the area. Therefore, the Urals and the Caucasus were the main border landmarks.

Today, the Caucasus and the Urals are not divided into parts abroad. It only runs on their feet, leaving the mountain intact. This approach greatly simplifies the work of geologists.

But this situation has affected the difficulties incartographers. Reproducing one of the continents, the scientists had to separate the mountain ranges into unequal parts. To conduct such a procedure accurately is almost impossible. This situation has a negative impact on the work of geologists, often using the card: of the mountains were "scattered", though historically been a single array.
Therefore, there are some recommendations todayand arrangements. Ural mountains can be fully attributed to the European continent. Caucasus Mountains, often entirely represented in the Asian part. The Sea of ​​Azov is a European.

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