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WHERE will be taken to serve

To be taken away

Conscripts often wonder where they will be taken to serve in the army.

From the location of the service may depend on the conditions, contact with relatives and other important aspects.

Learn about possible before departure to the location of the military unit.



Examine carefully all the documentation that youoffered to fill in the military commissariat. Often it includes a questionnaire, in which there is the question of where would like to serve as a conscript. In this case, you are free to decide where to go for service. Also, some institutions in advance inform recruits about their future place of service. Please note that the final decision may be yet another.


Interrogate friends already served in the armyfrom the Commissariat for your place of residence. Usually in this case directed in conscripts same military units. Taking this opportunity, find out about the conditions of service and ask what kind of places would suit you best.


See a list of the country'smilitary units. Pay attention to those who are associated with the native troops, in which you have defined, for example, airborne, infantry, navy, etc. Another important feature is the presence in the moment, "hot spots" where combat operations are conducted. If available, you may well send him to the next part.


Please pre-application to the military commissariatin his own name or the name of the parents and close relatives. Ask command to point you in a certain military unit. To this must be a good reason, for example, for health reasons conscript to serve in an area with a specific climate and other conditions. The application is required to attach the opinion of doctors.


Often the place of service of the recruit is not discloseduntil the last moment. Recruits learn about him directly is already on the way to your destination. However, if you know the person who will accompany you to the place in advance ask him about the place of the future service. Also interviewed those taken on the same day with you - they may know the information because of its sources.

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