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Where to borrow money


Situations where money may be needed,Are not uncommon. And the reasons can be quite diverse - from the need to pay for medical treatment or training before interception of funds to pay. And there is not always a so-called "airbag". Therefore, the question becomes natural: where it is possible to borrow money.

Where to borrow money
Lending the right amount today is not difficult. This could previously be borrowed from friends. Today you can solve your problems without straining your friends and acquaintances.

Where can I borrow money

Naturally, despite the development of the banking industry, no one has canceled friends. The advantages of taking money from close acquaintances is that it is fast, does not require any documents and interest.

It is worth considering the fact that borrowed money from friends can ruin your friendly relations. Therefore, it is important to repay the debt on time and better write a receipt.

You can borrow money from banks. Today, this is absolutely not a problem. True, there are disadvantages. First, a high interest rate. After all, banks issue non-earmarked loans at very high interest rates - rates can start from 20% and reach 70-80%. And this means that overpayment will be huge amounts, often equal to 2-3 loans taken. Secondly, the loan must be repaid on time and in installments.

Take the money on credit with the expectation that they can notTo give, a bad idea. The law has loopholes that allow you to deceive the bank, but in the future it can be fraught. And when you request a mortgage or a car loan, such a story can come up.

You can borrow money in the micro-loan bureau. They quickly give out the necessary amount (although there are restrictions on the size of the loan - only small amounts up to 300,000 rubles), do not conduct checks on the client's solvency. A huge minus of this method is a very high interest rate - it reaches 100-150% per month.

If there are values, you can turn toPawnshops. This method, however, is more often used by women than men. Lombard credit allows you to get money right now in exchange for the jewelry left in it. And gold and stones, as well as other antiques can be returned, paying interest for using the money pawnshop. In case they are not particularly needed, they can be left behind, forgetting about the debt.

Loan in a credit cooperative refers toCategory of "fast" money. Credit cooperatives operate on the principle of loan-savings financial mutual aid. And today such organizations issue loans not only to their shareholders, but also to outside clients. The rate in cooperatives fluctuates at the level of 20%. Economists distinguish two types of similar organizations. Some are oriented to work with individuals, others - with other credit cooperatives.

There is another option - a loan in paymentInternet-systems, such as Webmoney, Yandex.Money, etc. Such organizations are distinguished by the presence of low interest rates - from 1 to 5%. And to get money in debt via the Internet is quite simple - just simply place an application and wait for a response from the creditors of the electronic exchange. You can get an offer from several creditors at once. This method is a convenient option for those who want to get money quickly in different cities: whether it's Ukhta, Perm or some other, not just in the capital.

What should be considered in connection with taking money in debt

Taking money in debt, it must be remembered that theirHave to return. And in most cases, to return much more than they took. Therefore, it is better not to get carried away and apply to borrowed money only in case of emergency, when there is simply no other way out.

Borrowing money from various credit institutionsYou need to consider that you have to overpay. Therefore, in advance, calculate which maximum payment you can afford. Experts argue that it should not take more than a third of your monthly budget. Only in this way you will simply return it.

Do not delay with the return of debt, even if you take it from friends and relatives. After all, you will get the reputation of an optional person and in the future you are unlikely to lend yet.

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