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Where to submit documents for privatization</a>

Free to privatize the apartment can be until 2015Year, moreover, the Moscow authorities in all housing and communal services created the so-called "one-stop shop" service. Therefore, the privatization procedure can now be significantly reduced.

It is enough to prepare the necessary documents and apply to the Housing Department of your district.



Contact the Department of Housing(Department of privatization and registration of property rights), carrying with them all originals of identity documents, with photocopies (for family members over 14) and birth certificates. At the primary reception, if you are registered in the privatized apartment (house) not earlier than 01.09.1991, you also need to bring a certificate confirming the fact that you previously did not use the right to privatization, and an extract from the home book for the period from 01.09.1991 and Until you register at your current address.


You need to sign a statement of trainingRelevant documents for privatization in the "one-stop shop" mode, a sample of which will be provided in the housing department. It will be necessary to pay for the registration of documents, after which you will be issued a receipt, and a record of your application and documents will be entered in the log of appeals.


What happens next. Employees of the department of privatization form queries in the BTI, as well as other housing organizations, which for these requests send the necessary documents to the housing administration.


When all documents for privatization areReceived and verified by the employees of the department of privatization, you will be invited to sign a contract of transfer of housing in the property. Sign this agreement should all members of your family over the age of 14, which are registered in your living quarters. Do not forget to take receipts for payment of state duties. When all signatures are affixed, a record will be recorded in the log about the registration of the transfer contracts that the contract was concluded.


Transfer the contract of transfer of ownership toYou can register the state registration yourself or by contacting the employees of the housing department. When the contract is registered in the regional service, it will be returned to you through the "one-stop shop" service for an additional fee.


In the event that you want to registerThe contract by proxy, the employees of the housing department will send the documents in accordance with the established procedure for registration. At the end of the registration process, all members of your family over the age of 14 with birth certificates and passports will be invited to the privatization department, where you will receive the documents back.

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