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Where should hang Dreamcatcher

Where should hang Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher - a traditional Indian charm. It is a circle of willow branches braided thread veins and reindeer, decorated with beads and feathers.

The main task of the hunter - "catch" bad dreams and good pass through holes in their web.

How to make a dream catcher ...

According to legend, an Indian tribe Lakota ElderIt had a vision: the wisdom of the teacher came to him in the guise of a spider wove a web around the willow branches, and hung her feathers. Each circle web symbolized a milestone in a person's life - childhood, youth, maturity and old age. In the center of the circle, he left. He told the elder that through this hole the wise and good thoughts will get to the man, and the others linger in the web.
To this day, not only among the Indian tribes, butand among the many nations Dreamcatcher remains incredibly popular amulet. It is sold in every souvenir shop, but it is believed that the greatest strength has a catcher, made with his own hands.

According to legend odzhibveyskoy Grandmother Spider-Asabikashitaught Indian women weave catchers, so that through them she could defend all his people, spread across America. At catcher should be eight lines - the number of spider legs.

The most powerful are also considered fishers fromnatural materials. For the manufacture of needed dense willow branches. Cranking of the circle is extremely difficult, so they are usually cooked in boiling water to give the elasticity. Then circle dense braided thread, sometimes with purely decorative to the objectives of woven beads. Be sure to attach feathers, symbolizing air and freedom.

... And where to hang him

For accommodation in the house Dreamcatcher has three veryimportant conditions. The first - a free passage of air through the weave. Dreaming on Indian philosophy come from outside and go to the same, so a good place to be a window through which the air flows in and through which the sun's rays reach the catcher. By the way, the sun - it is the second condition.
The third condition - is the catcher should hang close to the place where you sleep.
The ideal position of the catcher - the bed next to the window. You can hang the catcher on the chandelier in the center of the room or in a doorway, if you do not have a door.

Hunters used not only Indians, but also shamans in Siberia. They need these amulets for spiritual practices - they accumulate during the day dreams that night can be used to induce visions.

In no case can not weigh catcher close to the wall. More precisely, it is possible, but then it certainly should not expect from him any magical properties - it is simply an element of decor.
In fact, many of the owners of amulets notecatcher that not only delays the bad dreams, but also helps to better remember dreams, it is useful for those who like to use for the interpretation of the dream book.
According to another legend odzhibveyskoy Grandmother-SpiderAsabikashi taught Indian women weave catchers, so that through them she could defend all his people, settled all over America. At catcher should be nine main lines - the number of spider legs.

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