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WHERE reduce foreigner in Moscow

Old Arbat

Moscow - a metropolis that never ceases to amaze its abundance of interesting places.

However, when coming from acquaintances or friendsother countries, there are primitive questions which force to smash his head: "where reduce," "that show?" and "something to brag about?" Make a short list before the meeting of great ideas that will make an impression on a foreigner in Moscow.



The easiest option - to go to a foreigneron trips that offer a visit to Red Square, the Mausoleum, the Kremlin, Old Arbat, Tretyakov Gallery, the Grand Theatre, the Novodevichy Convent, Sparrow Hills, etc. If you think it is not too original and interesting, start by walking through the ancient streets of Moscow.


At the crossroads between the boulevard and passionatePetrovka you will see the monument to the famous singer Vladimir Vysotsky, whose work will certainly be interested in any foreigner. Hermitage Garden will give a lot of impressions for fans of ice skating. Moving on, from Kuznetsky Most to Lubyanka, but from Lubyanka on Theater Lane, you get to the Red Square. At the eternal flame, you can enjoy the solemn changing of the guard. If the version of Red Square is not for you, from the Lubyanka you get to one of the oldest historical districts of Moscow - Kitai-Gorod. On the way you can admire the clean pond.


Before reaching the Garden Ring Road, turn left,walking down the street Ostozhenka, and you get to the Park of Culture. Nearby are such legendary places as the Crimean bridge, Boring garden and park them. Gorky. Not far from the dull garden is a great viewing platform and the main building of Moscow State University. If you find yourself far away from the Crimean shaft, you should definitely visit the Sculpture Park and the Tretyakov Gallery. You can also enjoy the promenades, strolling along the Moscow River.


Do not forget about cultural holiday. If the foreigner does not harbor strong feelings for the ballet and opera, you can offer him instead of the Bolshoi Theatre to visit the Moscow Conservatory. Plunge into the atmosphere of spiritual music will help the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (m. Barrikadnaya) or Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan on Red Square. And, of course, be sure to show the foreigner subway. This is one of the most magnificent and beautiful places that will leave a lasting impression on a trip to Russia!

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