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WHERE reduce children's holiday

To reduce children's holiday

Vacations - one of the most anticipated periods in student life. During this time, students gain strength for further studies, distracted from his studies, and in a special way each free happy days.

To help your child to fully enjoy a well-deserved vacation, you can take him to any activities or places of interest to him.



With young children, you can go to the puppettheater or children's performances, which are held during the holidays or dramatic Youth Theatre. It is better to know in advance the schedule of performances and to buy tickets for them, otherwise you can not just get there.


While on vacation in the city and the village oftencome touring circus troupes, skaters and artists showing exciting performances for children. Learn about them can be from the local media. To reduce child on such a show-program - it will give him a lot of impressions and positive emotions.


Go with your child to an exhibition or in a museum, whereit will be interesting. Boys, for example, might be interested in exposure to machines, ancient weapons or uniforms, and girls - with outfits from different eras or dolls. It is also interesting and useful to reduce children to the children's science museum. Choosing a place to visit, be sure to consider the preferences and your child, if he is engaged in music or drawing, you may want to reduce it to a museum with such specificity.


During good weather, visit the local zoo,go to their favorite children rides or just take a walk in the park and breathe fresh air. Winter days are good to ride with children on a sled with large slides, which are often held in local parks or skating. But after the child is working up an appetite, treat it with something tasty in a cozy cafe - little things especially enjoyable for children.


And if during the holidays the weather would not be pleasingheat and sun, go to the movies to some interesting film or cartoon. Or visit the bowling club and Compete in dislodging pins - this game will be useful not only for children but also for adults.


To reduce child for any sportcompetition, such as basketball, football or hockey. The victory of their favorite team - it's always a joy and positive emotions. In addition, it can inspire your offspring for sports.

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