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WHERE to reduce children on vacation


Where to take the children on vacation</a>

Vacation is one of the most long-awaited periods in a student's life. During this time, the students gain strength for further studies, are distracted from their studies and are particularly pleased with every free day.

To help your child fully enjoy the well-deserved rest, you can reduce it to any activities or in interesting places for him.



With small children you can go to the puppetTheater or children's performances that are arranged during the holidays by drama or youth theaters. For this it is better to know in advance the schedule of the performances and buy tickets for them, otherwise you just can not get there.


During the holidays in cities and towns oftenArriving touring troupes of circus performers, skaters and artists, showing interesting performances for children. You can learn about them from local media. Take the child to such show programs - this will give him a lot of impressions and positive emotions.


Go to the exhibition or museum with the child, whereHe will be interested. Boys, for example, may be interested in expositions with cars, ancient weapons or uniforms, and girls - with outfits of different eras or dolls. It will also be interesting and useful to reduce the children to a children's science museum. When choosing a place to visit, be sure to take into account your child's preferences, if he is engaged in music or drawing, it may be worth bringing him to museums with such specifics.


During good weather, visit the local zoo,Go to the children's favorite attractions or just take a walk in the park and get some fresh air. Winter days are good to go for a drive with children on sleds from large slides, which are often arranged in local parks, or on skates. And after the child walks the appetite, treat him to something delicious in a cozy cafe - such little things are especially pleasant for children.


And if during the holidays the weather will not rejoiceWarmth and sunshine, go to the movies for some interesting film or cartoon. Alternatively, visit the bowling club and compete in knockout pins - this game will be useful not only for children, but also for adults.


Conduct a child on some sportsCompetition, such as basketball, football or hockey. Winning your favorite team is always joy and positive emotions. In addition, it can inspire your child to play sports.

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