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WHEN washing powder is falling asleep


Where the detergent powder falls asleep</a>

Automatic washing machines have long become an integral part of everyday life. Their appearance in everyday life allowed a woman to save her time and energy.

Having trusted an automatic washing machine, you can spend an evening with your family.

To ensure that the device lasts for a long time and functions properly, proper use and careful care is required.



Carefully read the attachedAutomatic washing machine instruction before you start using it. Find the detergent compartment at the top of the machine. With a little effort, open the box by pulling it toward you.


The detergent compartment is most oftenMachines has three compartments. Determine the purpose of each compartment. They can be marked with numbers or special icons. The gradation in washing machines is usually the following: the left compartment is for the main wash, the right one for the prewash, and in the middle the compartment for the air conditioners. By the size of the compartments, you can also determine their purpose: large - for the main wash, smaller - for prewash, the smallest - for rinsers.


To determine where to put the washingPowder, you can use the following method. Start the washing machine. Wait until the water begins to fill. Pull out the detergent compartment and look into which compartment water is poured. This will be the compartment for the main wash. To fill the detergent in the required quantity in the compartment intended for it it is necessary before the beginning of washing. Also fill the corresponding compartment with air conditioner.


To determine the main wash compartment, pourWater in the drawer. From the compartment intended for the detergent, water instantly flows into the tank. If necessary, detachment for detergents can be pulled out and during washing, for example, if you need to refill the air conditioner. In a situation where the detergent is not completely washed away with water from the compartments, clean the box.


There are special cleaning products thatIt is necessary to put directly in the tank of an automatic washing machine. These are powders that do not have multicolored granules. Their use when washing in a tank machine requires a special capacity.

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