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Automatic washing machines have long been an integral household items. Their appearance in the home allow women to save their time and effort.

Entrusting an automatic washing machine, you can spend the evening with his family.

For the device for a long time and regularly served, it requires proper use and careful maintenance.



Please read the attached to theautomatic washing machine instructions before you start using it. Find the top of the machine the detergent compartment. With a little effort, open the box, pulling it toward you.


Detergent compartment most oftentypewriters has three compartments. Define the purpose of each individual compartment. They are marked with numbers or special icons. Graduation in the washing machine is generally as follows: the left compartment - main wash, right - for the pre-wash, and in the middle - compartment air conditioning. According to the size of the compartments is also possible to define their purpose: a large - for the main wash, smaller - for the pre-wash, the smallest - to rinse.


To determine where to fill up the washingpowder can use the following method. Run the washing machine. Wait until the start bay water. Pull out the detergent compartment and see what compartment is filled with water. This will be the main wash. Absorb washing powder in the required amount in its slot is necessary before starting the wash. Also fill in the appropriate compartment air conditioning.


To determine the main wash compartment, pourwater in a sliding box. From the compartment intended for the detergent, the water immediately flows into the tank. If necessary, the detergent compartment can be pulled out and during the wash cycle, for example, if you need to top up the air conditioning. In a situation where the detergent is not completely washed out with water from the bay, slide duct cleaning.


There are special detergents thatyou must lay directly into the tank of automatic washing machines. This powder without having in its composition of colored beads. Their use in the washing machine requires a special tank capacity.

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