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WHERE the antifreeze is poured


Where the antifreeze is poured</a>

Tosol is a liquid usedTo cool the internal combustion engine, thereby prolonging its performance. But for this, the antifreeze must be updated in a timely manner, since the drop in the level of anticorrosive additives contained in this liquid helps to weaken the protection, resulting in the engine becoming corroded with the radiator.

To prevent this from happening, every motorist must know where to top it off.



Tosol can be poured into a car radiator orA tank specially designed for these purposes. For example, on a VAZ-2109 and 2108 vehicle, the expansion tank, where you want to fill the coolant, is located under the hood near the battery. To be more precise, it is necessary to look for it in the engine compartment.


Filling the antifreeze, make sure that it rises to the highest possible level. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the remaining volume of the cooling liquid in the reservoir.


Before pouring it into the expansion tank orRadiator, from them the remains of the old liquid merge, and only after that a new one is poured. You need to do this carefully and very carefully. Filling the coolant, from time to time, close the radiator cover or the expansion barrel, gently massaging the upper branch pipe of the radiator, so you can displace the remaining air from the system.


Expansion tank designed forCoolant, not in all automotive brands is located under the hood. For example, in the VAZ 2107 it can be found right under the driver's seat, namely on the left side of the engine compartment. The location of the surge tank in your vehicle can be found in the instructions that should be for each car.


Determining where you will fillAntifreeze, it will be necessary to learn to evaluate the state of the old cooling liquid before replacing it. You can do it by eye or using a hydrometer. In addition, it is very important to know which brand of antifreeze is suitable for your car.

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