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WHERE poured antifreeze

Where antifreeze is poured

It represents the antifreeze liquid usedfor cooling an internal combustion engine, whereby its operation is extended. But for this purpose antifreeze should be updated in a timely manner so as declining anticorrosive additives contained in the liquid, contributes to weakening of protection, whereby the motor with the radiator begin to corrode.

To avoid this, every motorist should know where you want to fill antifreeze.



Antifreeze can be poured into the vehicle radiator ortank, specifically designed for this purpose. For example, in a car VAZ-2109 and 2108 expansion tank, where it is necessary to fill the coolant is located under the hood near the battery. To be precise, it is necessary to look for it in the engine compartment.


Gulf antifreeze, watch for so that it rose to the highest possible level. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the remaining volume in the reservoir coolant.


Before you pour it into the surge tank orradiator, remnants of the old fluid merge with them, and only then poured new. This should be done carefully and cautiously. Gulf coolant from time to time close the radiator cap or the expansion barrel, gently massaging the upper radiator hose, thanks to this you will be able to displace any air from the system.


Expansion tank, designed tocoolant, not all road marks located under the hood. For example, in 2107 it can be found directly under the driver's seat, namely the left side of the engine compartment. The location of the expansion tank in your vehicle can be found in the instructions, which should be in every car.


Decide where you will fillantifreeze, it will be necessary to learn how to assess the state of the old cooling liquid before replacing it. This can be done by eye or by using a hydrometer. In addition, it is important to know what brand of antifreeze for your car.

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