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Where to place an interesting photo on the web


Many people have at least once in their lives observed an interesting shot and managed to capture it. Joy from such success is always a lot and there is an irresistible desire to share with a large number of people.

Where to place an interesting photo on the web
Of course, not all pictures are as good as they seem to the owner. But if you still think that this is the frame people should see, then boldly publish it everywhere.

Publication in social networks

Fantasy with the place of loading of such photosUsually ends with a page in the social network on the wall. It is unlikely that any of those who want to press to tell friends, so a maximum of 150-200 people will see your masterpiece.

In order to capture a large audience imageCan be offered for publication in thematic communities on the same social network. At the publication there will be a mark of the author, that is you, and the quantity appreciated will sharply increase.

Many photos are now being converted into memes fromFunny signatures. If you see such potential in your picture, try to make a pair of such pictures in Photoshop yourself. In this form, photography has more chances of publishing in a known community. Then it's only a matter of time. People can start making such pictures themselves.

Publish to third-party sites related to photos

First, you can go to the Pikabu website, whichHas a huge community of regular users. They also generate all the funny pictures, memes, video clips, etc. If your photo is viewed and approved by a large number of people, it will be able to go to the top, and all users of the site will appreciate it, which is more than 200,000 visitors a day.

Similar to the meaning and structure of the site - Yaplakal. His attendance is also off scale, so a really interesting photo will be appreciated. Administrators of most large Vkontakte communities select the best photos and memes for publication on these sites. There is a chance that your photo can be on popular pages and in such a way.

To promote your picture, you canTo take advantage also competitions of photos which on the Internet became very much. Often there are serious prizes in them, for example, iPhone, iPad or mirror camera. It so happened that they win really good pictures, not those whose rating was artificially increased. It only means that there is a chance for a fair fight and a prize.

If you so much want to see the pictureAs many people as possible, try to send it to any photo magazine. For such a publication, the quality of the image, its correctness, censorship and conformity to the journal's subject matter will be important. Very often they have a column of photo readers.

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