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To pass the broken TV

Damage to the TV is not a big issue today, because there are many places where you can drop the broken TV.

It all depends on how hard it breaks.



Case 1. The TV broke down during the warranty period.
This is the simplest case. TV is under warranty for a period not less than one year. Then you can take him to the warranty service center, which is stipulated in the conditions of the TV shopping. If the TV-size, you can request the diagnosis on the spot where he was standing, but not always. The master can not be trite with a tool. Therefore, most often carry a broken TV in the home. Diagnosis may take some time after it will be decided whether to conduct warranty repair is possible or not. In the first case it will be free, the second will have to part with a certain amount of money. Repairs can last from two weeks to 45 days. After him, the warranty period is extended.


Case 2. The TV Breakage occurred after the expiration of the warranty period.
In this case, the TV owner's choiceIt expanded significantly. He can pass the TV as a service center, assigned to the brand of the TV, and the private repair shop. Repair costs can vary substantially at the same working in different places. It depends on the skills of craftsmen to repair, the availability of spare parts, the demand for workshop services, etc.


Case 3. TV can not be repaired.
The conclusion as to whether the TV is subject to repairor not, the best thing to do in the warranty service center in which it was served. Following the conclusion of this, if the TV was on warranty, its owner must either return the money or replace a broken TV to the same. If the TV was broken warranty period and it can not be repaired, then its path collection point for the recycling of electronics, TV or the owner may apply to the third-party repair shops of home appliances. Sometimes they are able to repair the equipment, which is in the service center was denied repairs.

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