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Where on the Internet to donate money to charity

Where on the Internet to donate money to charity

Information user social network tape is replete with a variety of communications containing requests for fundraising.

Someone can not ignore any announcement, while others - for the time being indifferently leafing through them.

However, when the desire to really helpthere, some are faced with a serious dilemma: in what kind of charities, which can be found on the Internet, should be sent to help.

To begin to determine exactly who need help in the first place - because each non-profit organization has its own mission and objectives.

Read about the charitable organization can be on its sayte- the same - to make a donation.

Charitable Funds: what they are

One of the most common types of NPOs(A nonprofit organization) are charities. In Russia, they number more than a dozen, and each focuses on something specific. Some are engaged in treatment or adaptation of children with severe and rare diagnoses (heart disease, nervous system, etc.), others - help the poor, as well as large families. There are those who interact with nursing homes and elderly.
Some of the funds are working with the homeless: assist them to restore documents, legal and medical services.
Another category of funds, which in Russia isthere is less likely - a company specializing in palliative care. They help those who delivered the fatal diagnosis. Collected funds can not save lives, but they can significantly alleviate her last moments. Some social and charitable programs such funds are supported by the church.

On the current projects that need sponsorship, can be found on the website of the local diocese or on the page of the Synodal Department for charity and social service of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Funds for Nature Protection, Animal Shelters

If the problems of ecology, extinction of rare speciesplants and animals you care about more than the stories of real people, a donation can always be done in the Environmental Protection Fund for Nature. One of the most common forms of philanthropy today - the transfer of funds and support shelters for homeless animals. The site of many shelters, as a rule, the information is placed in what they are experiencing a particular need.

media Support

Not only charities, but also a number of mediaIt is experiencing difficulties with financing. First of all, it concerns the educational and religious publications. Since they have no opportunity to earn a commercial advertising, they exist only thanks to sponsorship subsidies. Financial assistance provided by patrons, is visible to the naked eye - it is thanks to their support, the editors have the ability to pay for the work of journalists and to produce interesting materials.

Crowdfunding: to raise funds for medical treatment, or to make a movie

Crowdfunding - a new kind of charitycooperation. A special portals people collect money for completely different things, and even projects: one - on operation, the other - for the necessary medical equipment, and others - on film production. One of the successful examples of crowdfunding in Russia - the creation of album B-2, which means to actually going to the world on a string.

Ways to transfer money

After choosing a charityYou need to go to her personal page and find the tab "Donate" (or something similar in meaning). Then select how the money will be transferred. In most cases, funds can be transferred in several ways: by writing off a credit card, e-wallet or phone number, the required amount, as well as the receipt of payment to the bank.
Another important detail: to avoid the possibility of fraud, donations do better not to individuals (except for situations where there is confidence that their stories are true), and the funds that have a good reputation and extensive experience in the field of charity.

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