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Where in Minsk to spend time with children

Where in Minsk to spend time with children

Since adults spend a good time can be anywhere. Enough interesting conversation and a cup of coffee.

But with the kids is not the case.

They are difficult for a long time something of interest, so it is necessary to have in mind a few places where they will be really interesting.

A good day at the zoo

If you want a good and to spend timewith children, bringing them in Minsk Zoo. This is a unique museum of wildlife, open in 1984. Your kids can see exotic animals and rare representatives of the Belarusian fauna.

The zoo contains about 400 species of animals. Here you can see waterfowl and visit the dolphinarium, which will be interesting for children.

The zoo opened two exhibitions and contactsplayground, which allowed to stroke pigs, domestic goats and sheep. During the summer, children's rides open. The holidays are theatrical performances, competitions, horse shows and quizzes with prizes. This zoo is fun for the whole family.
Zoo is located in the south-east of Minsk, in the armhole of the river Svisloch.

Where children enjoy spending time

Minsk Botanical Garden - one of the oldestinstitutions of the city, opened in 1932. It is a natural monument of national significance and a monument of landscape architecture. Children will be helpful to learn a lot of beautiful and rare plants, so be sure to bring them together in the garden. The Botanical Garden is located on the street Surganov 2c.
Have fun your kids will be able to"Jungle" entertainment center. There they will have fun, riding on the various attractions, as well as playing in the two-level labyrinth with pnevmobataly zones. In the center are exciting contests and games, and quests with fantastic heroes. Located "Jungle" at Uborevycha Street, 176.

The "Jungle", you can not only have a good time, but also to celebrate the child's birthday.

In March 2014 Prospect Winners, 84opened a children's entertainment center "Caramel." Here, your children can have fun on the slot machines, inflatable rides and mazes. This place is suitable for children from 1.5 to 12 years. And for the adults in the center of a café.
In Minsk there are other children's entertainment centers, so you can always choose the one that is closest to your home.
A good idea would be to reduce the baby in a babycafe, which serves a useful and natural food, not fast food. This can be a cafe, "Fairy Castle", working for almost 20 years. Food in this place is always fresh, they are prepared only after the order. Cafe offers visitors and freshly made pastries, and delicious desserts. Because alcohol is sold only beer, so do not worry that there will be a number of vacation too noisy companies. Located "Dream Castle" on Masherov Avenue, 25/1 (Gorky Park).
Spend time having fun with your children can be almost anywhere, even on a normal playground. The main thing is that you spend this time together.

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