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To enumerate child support

When making alimony agreement one parent gets an order to transfer a certain amount of their earnings to the minor child's maintenance.

Paying child support can be one of several ways.



Please use the option by paying alimonykeeping them out of your monthly salary. To do this, the court or the defendant (payee) has sent the writ to your employer. In the writ specifies the relevant details, frequency and amount of payments. On the basis of this document accounting in the workplace will make deductions from the salary of each employee. Personal action by the payer is not required, but it is important to remember that in case of change of residence or place of work it is necessary to report within three days to the bailiff, who carries out the enforcement proceedings, as well as the individual recipient of alimony. From any additional income of the payer of alimony also make transfers to the beneficiary according to the accepted agreement with him.


Select an independent way to transferalimony. You can carry it in cash and non-cash form. For example, visit the bank and make a transfer of funds, specifying the details of the beneficiary and the amount of money transferred. Pay particular attention to filling the field "Payment", where you specify the current period of transfer of alimony and the person receiving the data. Instead of visiting the bank can transfer funds via ATM or electronic payment systems. Be sure to save the printed receipt.


Make payment of alimony cash in handrecipient. In this case, the document is issued a receipt indicating the payment period, the person receiving the data and the signatures of both parties. Fill a receipt should be in duplicate or leave a copy in the hands of the payer. In the future, authorized judicial police officer may require information about payments made by both the payer and the recipient of alimony.

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