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WHERE listed taxes

Where taxes are listed

Tax collection is an integral part of the Russian and world economy.

However, citizens often wonder where and what to leave taxes.



Under the law, individuals and legal entities mustpay taxes relying special state body - the Federal Treasury. This agency regulates and directs the state taxes to the budgets of three levels - federal, regional and local. Every year, the State Duma holds a special referendum in which, by adopting appropriate legislation tax funds are distributed in various Russian entities according to the approved budget.


Collected and distributed by region, countrytaxes subsequently spent on different needs, mostly social. For example, some of the funds allocated for wages to those who work in the public sector - doctors and teachers. Also, the budget provides for subsidies and investments, repayment of public debt, pursuant to military orders, as well as the commission of various acquisitions for the state.


By entering into the federal budget taxcontains many public institutions: schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc. In addition, funds are allocated and the maintenance of military units and law enforcement agencies: Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, etc. Also, the state needs funds to implement various target programs and national priority projects in education, agriculture, construction.. Such costs include the budgets of all levels.


Payment of taxes - is strictly mandatory procedurefor all citizens. For its implementation, the following special body - the tax inspectorate, whose offices are located in all major cities. Tax evasion or other fraud is punishable by law and provides for both administrative fines and criminal penalties.

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