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Where is the Tretyakov Gallery

Where is the Tretyakov Gallery

House Lavrushinsky lane of Moscow, like the Mansion, not just an art gallery - it is one of the business cards of the capital.

The building has housed exhibits XI-XIX centuries.

Moscow Museum of Art, whichIt called the State Tretyakov Gallery, and Tretyakov Gallery, founded in 1856. It houses one of the largest collections in the world of fine art.

The composition of the Tretyakov Gallery

Museum Association, which is calledTretyakov gallery in Moscow. The main building of the Tretyakov Gallery is located in Lavrushinsky Lane, now serving. Besides the main building, where there is a large part of the collection, the Tretyakov Gallery includes:
- Corps of Engineers, which is carried out exhibition-time
- Building on Krymsky Val, where the art of the twentieth century-
- A museum in the church of St. Nicholas, located in Tolmachah-
- Personal museum artists.

The main building of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow at Lavroushinsky lane, 10.

The collection, gathered at the Tretyakov Gallery, is devoted exclusively to Russian national art. So conceived gallery founder Pavel Tretyakov, so it managed to keep to the present day.

How did the Tretyakov Gallery

It began the history of the Tretyakovgallery with the fact that Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov acquired in 1856, two paintings by Russian artists - that this was the first step towards the creation of the famous collection. Assembly since it has been steadily growing, and the first visitors "Moscow City Gallery of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov," was able to take in 1867.
In 1892 Pavel Tretyakov donated his art gallery in the capital of the gift. It was at that time collected a lot of great works, including a collection of icons.

When collecting the works of the founder of the Tretyakov Gallery was based on your taste. He is well aware of the importance of art and culture, and the socio-political life of society.

Gallery initially housed in the same building. As soon as the collection grew, gradually joined up to the house the other rooms that were used for the storage and display of works of them. Pile additions grew and multiplied until, until it was developed project of the building with a facade similar to the chamber's from a fairy tale.
Currently, the collection of the TretyakovGallery has more than one hundred thousand works of art. The exhibits are located in the architectural complex in Lavrushinsky lane, and in the building, located in Krymsky Val. In 1995, the decree of the President of the Russian Federation State Tretyakov Gallery was allocated to the most valuable objects of Russian culture.

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