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Where is the star system of Orion


Since ancient times, people were isolated and combined the bright stars and constellations visible outlines and according with their own convictions.

One of the oldest constellations is Orion.

Group of stars of Orion's famous ancient astronomersisolated in the constellation since time immemorial. Constellation had different names: the ancient Syrians called it Al Jabbar - giant Chaldeans - Tammuz, the Egyptians - Sakha, which translates as "the soul of Osiris." It is noteworthy that the ancient observers, regardless of nationality, religion or location, equally represented by the figure of a giant.

Constellation Orion - one of the brightest and most beautiful in the sky.

The history of Orion constellation

The current name is obliged to Greekthe myth of the hunter and the giant Orion, who fell in the Olympic goddess Artemis. As the goddess of the moon, she forgot about his primary task to illuminate the night sky. Twin brother Apollo's sister suggested a contest in archery and target served as Orion, swum far out to sea.

The goddess did not know who it was, threw an arrow into it,and Orion was killed. In memory of the lover she had placed a giant and his faithful hounds in the sky. It is worth emphasizing that the outlines of the constellations really clearly reminiscent of the hunter figure with arms and a lion's skin in his hands. It is believed, by the way, what has since become a symbol of mourning the moon.

Location Orion star system

Orion - this is a real treasure even forthe inexperienced observer. The famous Orion's belt stands out among the nearby constellations its dazzling beauty and brilliance. Especially convenient to observe this magnificent constellation of Egypt, not for nothing that it especially revered by the ancient Egyptians.

Watch the constellation of the best in Egypt in the autumn-winter season.

Orion is located on the border in the eclipticequatorial sky. It shares borders with Gemini, Eridanus, Taurus, Big Dog and the Unicorn. Constellation boasts just three brightest stars - handsome Rigel, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix. By the way, the shape of Orion, not to mention the waist, clearly visible to the naked eye when the sky is clear.

No less famous than the Orion, hisGreat Nebula delicious and a horse's head - the wonders of the night sky. Consider their possible even in high power binoculars. Also, the constellation is replete with star clusters, double and variable stars.

Orion is considered one of the finestconstellations of the sky, the beauty of which is admired by thousands of years our ancestors. It should once on holiday in Egypt simply to lift his head and to assess its strength and greatness.

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