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WHERE is the icon of St. Matrons


Where is the icon of St. Matrons</a>

About the icon of the blessed old man Matrona of Moscow, there are legends. Her wonderwork was repeatedly confirmed by a large number of people who received help from Matrona in many difficult situations.

To bow to this Russian saint is possible in many churches in Moscow, where its particles and icons are located with its image.

Relics of the Blessed Matrona

Matrona Matrona during her life was simpleUneducated peasant woman, Matrena Nikonova, suffering from blindness and immobility. She had to wander for almost a quarter of a century, but around her there were people all the time - after all Matryona could predict the future and heal. And the woman had a great faith in God. Today the relics of the saint are in the Intercession Monastery, which because of this became the most visited Moscow abode.

The human turn to the relics of Mother Matrona at any time of the year stands several hours to pray to the miraculous remains.

An old man usually begs for a successful marriage,Healing of serious illnesses, help with work, solving family problems and much more. Also, the icon of Saint Matrona with a part of her relics can be found at Semenovskoye cemetery in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ and in the church of St. Princess Euphrosyne of Moscow, which is on Nakhimovsky Avenue. These places are considered the most visited after the Intercession Monastery.

Shrines of the Blessed Matrona

Icon with the image of the old man is also inThe temple of the Kosmy and Damian, which is located in the territory of Shubino. You can also pray to the Matron before her icons, which belong to the Temple of the Resurrection of the Speaker (Filippovsky Lane) and the Church of the Great Martyr George the Victorious (Solovetsky Monastery).

In the temples where the icons of St. Matrona are, you can also pray to the relics of other saints, who are also considered miracle workers.

In addition to the relics of the old man, you can fall inThe temple of St. Gregory of Neocaesaria (Derbitsa), where also the relics of Gregory the Theologian and of Gregory of Neocaesaria itself are found. The Church of St. Martin the Confessor, who is in Alekseevskaya Novaya Sloboda, is a happy owner of a unique shrine - the funeral shirt of the blessed Matrona. To her, a huge number of people come to pray, who want to be cured of incurable diseases, find family happiness and avoid various ills.
On the territory of the Intercession Monastery, besides the relicsThe Holy Matrona, there is also another shrine related to the blessed old man - the icon of Our Lady "The Execution of the Dead." It is not very well known in the non-church environment, therefore, long lines of pilgrims do not stand for it - however this icon was painted by the icon painter with the blessing of St. Matrona of Moscow.

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