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Where does the heart

Where does the heart

You can have a family, to successfully move upthe career ladder, buy an apartment in an elite residential area and expensive car, but it will still be unhappy. Perhaps all these things really are not what you would really like to have.

Listen to your heart - it will tell you what you really need.



Those who can not understand, what they would like tolife should start to listen to their petty desires. Learn to understand what you do want for dinner - baked fish or an omelet, please if you have more orange nail polish or crimson, you want to gift a tablet or phone. Subsequently, the train, it will be easier to determine which university do you want to do, what company to work, or to which the young man you have is heart.


Take a piece of paper, list it on their ownbasic training. For example, you work as an accountant, weekends driving a weaving macramé circle of children and doing modern dance. Then on the same sheet lock all the emotions that cause you the listed classes. Do not give yourself time to think, write what comes to mind and then analyze the results. Did you find inspiring crafts with children and giving you joy, while the main work plunge you into depression, then you should consider retraining. And if modern dance associated with clumsiness you, perhaps you should choose a different direction.


Imagine yourself in five years. Mentally draw yourself your perfect day. You open your eyes, kiss a partner (do not forget to see what it looks like) and go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Dressed (be sure to pay attention to how you dress five years) you leave the house or apartment. At the same time verify for themselves what country you live. Make sure that the car in which you sit and where to come to work. What were you doing there, and decided to go somewhere after - in a cafe, an exhibition, a concert or directly home. This imaginary day and it will be what your heart desires, and in your power to help the dream come true.

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