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Where is the Dead Sea

Where is the Dead Sea

Dead - it does not mean completely devoid ofresidents and any claim to the existence of life, the dead one of the most beautiful seas in the world named because of the high content of mineral salts and others.

Between Israel and Palestine

Located directly between several countries,using the lowest body of water in the world for the organization of the resort, such as Israel, Palestine and Jordan, the Dead Sea stretches for 67 kilometers, while having a width of only 18,000 meters. Despite its peculiarities, water is considered one of the deepest salt seas in the world, its depth is about 377 meters.

Salts made the local water for more than 8 times saltier than the water of the world ocean.

"Salt," a unique feature of the Dead SeaIt explained by natural factors, as the sole source of incoming water is the Jordan River. In other communicating reservoirs for water metabolism sea simply do not possess. Water did not come here out, and thanks to the hot and dry climate, it evaporates, leaving a gift in your salts and minerals.

Salt for health

The sea has long been considered a source of health. The atmosphere, which was formed around this rich reservoir useful substances, it is considered absolutely hypoallergenic, pressure is slightly higher than the norm, and the structural features cause reduced levels of UV radiation to be detected. Sami waters are mysterious blue metallic sheen and different visual density, and a pillar of salt produced on the banks, overgrown with interesting myths and legends, one of which is the biblical story of Lot's escape, whose wife, tempted by curiosity, and was turned into one of those stone statues, which, according to legend, still have to be somewhere on the waterfront.
With the era of the ancient world the Dead Sea for people wasthe main supplier of balms, fertilizers and other gifts, which was only able to present to Mother Nature. Interestingly, even the process of mummification of Egyptian pharaohs did not do without the help of the reservoir, which has become a unique source for the Egyptian natural bitumen, or, as it is called, of natural asphalt.

Once in the water of the Dead Sea, you can relax and sit down, because even drown in its waters is not so simple.

The natural world of fauna representatives, whichcan be found in the waters of this peculiar sea-lake is the salt-loving bacteria and microorganisms. Once on the shores of the Dead Sea, you can immediately feel the peculiar smell of sulfur, see the enigmatic haze that veiled the pond. You can not hear the birds singing, hot and dry.

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