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Where is the castle of Count Dracula

Where is the castle of Count Dracula

Rare vampire story is not without the most important vampire - Dracula, which is already more than one century of his diabolical personality excites the hearts of the people.

It can be assumed with high probability that themost people have heard the story, watching a movie or read a work of the most famous in the world bloodsucker Count Dracula. However, the legend of the merciless blood-suckers date back to ancient times.

Count Dracula

The most famous vampire has become firmly established in the hearts andpeople's minds after the publication of Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula", which was created in 1897. Due to the active development of the cinema, television and mass communications, the image of the main antagonist of the novel has been replicated repeatedly modified and changed beyond recognition. There were children of Dracula, opponents, many legends about his life and other voluntary interpretation of the image.

The mass popularity of Dracula image acquired in the second half of the XX century.

It is assumed that the prototype bloodsuckersHe served as the legendary real person - Vlad III Dracula (the Impaler). Vlad III was a harsh ruler of Wallachia (modern Romania) in the Middle Ages. The nickname "Dracula" has stuck his father Dracula - Vlad II, who was a member of the Knights of the Dragon, whose symbolism was a dragon, curled in a ring. The nickname "Tepes" was given to the Turks only after 30 years, it means "count." It is assumed in the alleged ruler of Wallachia favorite method of execution was impalement. However, it should be emphasized that Vlad III scored a fierce struggle against the Turkish yoke and significantly weakened the position of the latter in the territory of today's Romania, Hungary. Therefore warranted a desire to present the Turks, Vlad III as a despot, tyrant and murderer, he may have been in relation to the Turkish invaders.

Literary and real castles of Count Dracula

The majestic medieval castle inTransylvania, which is positioned as a home blood count, called Bran, and is located 30 kilometers from Brasov. The construction, built in the XIV century, has several towers, including the keep, the courtyard and several outbuildings, in addition to the main building. According to legend, Vlad stayed several times at the castle, and even liked to hunt in its beautiful surroundings, abounding with dense forests. Admittedly, the castle looks very colorful and suitable, so there is little doubt of the truth of folk tales.
The castle is privately owned by a descendant ofRomanian kings - Dominic Habsburg. The castle is open to visit for tourism, so many tourists have the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and feel the ominous legend of Dracula.

House of Vlad III is absolutely not similar to the ancient castle of the Middle Ages.

The present building, where he lived Vlad III of, in the historic part of the Romanian town of Sighisoara. It is a simple three-story building, is not characterized by an abundance of decorative elements.

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