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Where is the best to take a walk in the suburbs

Where is the best to take a walk in the suburbs

Sometimes, in order to rest and gain strength,for long enough to leave the bustling city, leaving the everyday hustle and bustle. Moscow is able to offer guests the region a variety of leisure options throughout the year.

The old manor house, museums, national parks, rivers and lakes - the list of places for unforgettable walks really huge.

Near Moscow - a favorite vacation spotMuscovites and guests of the capital city. On the territory of the Moscow region is almost more architectural monuments of Russian culture, rather than in the capital, and the beautiful nature of these places that inspired for centuries writers and artists, offers a pleasant pastime.

Best places to walk in Moscow

Just one hour away from the city isone of the main jewels of the capital region - Museum-Estate of Arkhangelskoye. This is truly a place of worship like everyone without exception lovers of architecture. On the estate lovingly restored garden and park ensemble, and in the complex of the museum collections of the best examples of art. Often there are large exhibitions of paintings and performances of chamber music orchestras.
Every year on the estate settlesa large open-air jazz festival "Manor jazz», during which all the fans of this area can get acquainted with the excellent music performed by Russian and foreign jazz bands. Manor Arkhangelsk - is one of those places where so nice to briefly escape from the noisy and stuffy city and enjoy the old-world charm.

Where is the best to take a walk in the suburbs with their children

Choosing where to go to Moscow together withchildren, pay attention to the Museum of the Air Forces of Russia in Monino. To get here by car is possible for approximately one hour. It is the largest museum of its kind in Russia. Here is an extensive collection of samples of civil and military aircraft, including several hundred aircraft, strategic bombers and military helicopters. A separate exposition is reserved for the demonstration of nuclear weapons layouts. Children can learn the history of aeronautics and see the most famous examples of the art, the pride of the national and world aviation.
Another place to visit which will giveenthusiastic emotions to children of all ages, will be a museum of Vadim Zadorozhnogo technology, which is located about 20 km from Moscow, near Arkhangelskoye. It is the largest collection of vintage cars, vintage motorcycles and military vehicles from all over the world, based on - a collection of unique and rare models of Soviet and Western car industry. Vadim Zadorozhnogo Museum will impress any child!

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