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Where is Stonehenge


Where is Stonehenge</a>

Traveling in England, you can not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting Stonehenge - the most famous place in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Several stones, folded in a special way, with the same success enchant both researchers and tourists.



Stonehenge is located in the county of Wiltshire, near Salisbury. From London this place is removed by 130 km. There are several ways to get to Stonehenge.


Tourist excursion to Stonehenge - the mostA simple way to visit the landmark for those who are first in London and speak poor English. You can buy a ticket for 40-50 pounds. You will be taken to the amazing stones from the center of London, followed by an excursion in Russian, and then delivered back. Such trips are organized by several companies, so it is best to search for them on the Internet.


You can take the bus. This option is suitable for those who already feel quite free in London. At the Victoria bus station, buy a bus ticket right up to Stonehenge. You can also get to the village called Amesbury, and then take a stroll to the cluster of stones on foot. It's not far, and on the way you'll see a lot of interesting things. Such a trip will cost you about 20 pounds.


You can get to the place and by train, but thisWill cost a little more than a bus (in the UK in general, trains are usually more expensive than buses) - about 25 pounds. The ticket in this case must be purchased before Salisbury.


Another way is to rent a car andGet to Stonehenge on your own. This is the best option, if you go on a tour company. Go southwest, skip Southgempton and Salisbury. Focus on road signs, a navigator or a map. Despite the fact that the place is removed from London by 130 km, along the road it will be necessary to travel about 180 km. You will spend approximately 10 pounds on gasoline, as well as a certain amount for renting a car.


If the amount you are willing to spend is large enough, you can recommend using a taxi. A trip to Stonehenge will cost about 250 pounds.

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