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Where is Stonehenge

Where is Stonehenge

Traveling to England, you can not deny myself the pleasure to visit Stonehenge - famous places around the UK.

Several stones, folded in a special way, with the same success fascinate both researchers and tourists.



Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, near Salisbury. From London, this place is removed by 130 km. To get to Stonehenge in several ways.


Tourist excursion to Stonehenge - the mostan easy way to visit the attraction for those who for the first time in London and does not speak English. You can purchase a ticket for 40-50 pounds. You from central London to dovezut amazing stones, take a tour in Russian, and then take you back. Such a trip is organizing a number of companies, so it is best to search for them on the Internet.


You can take the bus. This option is suitable for those who already feel quite free in London. The bus station Victoria buy a bus ticket straight to Stonehenge. You can also reach the village called Amesbury, and then walk to the accumulation of stones on foot. It is near, and on the way you will see many interesting things. This trip will cost you about 20 pounds.


You can reach the place by train, but itwill cost a bit more expensive than the bus (in the UK at all trains are usually more expensive than buses) - about 25 pounds. Tickets in this case, you need to acquire to Salisbury.


Another way - hire a car andto get to Stonehenge on their own. This is the best option if you are going on a tour of the company. Merge in a southwesterly direction, miss Sausgempton and Salisbury. Focus on road signs, navigation or map. Despite the fact that the site is removed from London to 130 km, the road will have to drive about 180 km. You will spend about 10 pounds of gasoline, as well as a certain amount for the rental car.


If the amount you are willing to spend big enough, we can recommend to take a taxi. A trip to Stonehenge will cost about 250 pounds.

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