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Where is Seychelles


Vacation on exotic islands are spending more tourists.

The excellent climate, magnificent beaches, beautiful landscapes attract travelers from all over the globe.

Seychelles - stunning imaginationthe beauty of the archipelago, this lost paradise in the Indian Ocean. Amazingly beautiful scenery, white sand, azure ocean, unique flora and fauna, and, of course, "branded" Palm Islands - all Seychelles.

Location Seychelles

Exotic archipelago stretches in EastAfrica, in an area of ​​455 square kilometers. On such a small territory there are 115 islands, but only 30 of them are inhabited by people. The islands are 1600 kilometers away from mainland Africa, and almost 1,000 kilometers to the north of Madagascar notorious. The island's capital - the largest city in Victoria (Mahe).

Seychelles International Airport (SeychellesInternational Airport / Auroport International de Seychelles - Pointe Larue) with three terminals is located 10 kilometers southeast of the capital. The islands are home to approximately 90 000 people.

Seychelles - a former French and British colony.

. Part of the archipelago is composed of granite rocks, part - coral atolls, which are very hot and dry, and the vegetation is represented only by coconut palms.

Holidays in Seychelles

Wonderful Seychelles archipelago, of course, almostthe perfect place for an unforgettable and truly heavenly rest, as they say, the most natural "bounty." Tropical tale separates from ideal in the classic sense of one "almost" - the price. The cost of holidays will cost quite good for the price of the car. But the coin has two sides, so this vacation will be unforgettable in every way. Especially since a visa to travel to the "paradise" is not necessary if the duration of stay less than 30 days.

The path to the Seychelles as it is obvious,not close, and is about 7,000 kilometers. The journey time is 13 to 15 hours. All flights connecting with transfers, usually in Paris ( «Air France»), Doha ( «Qatar Airways»), Dubai ( «Emirates»). The time difference with Moscow is not.

Most popular "tourist" of the island - the main Mahe, Praslin, La Digue. Also interested in the island of St. Anne, Desroches, Surf, Silhouette, Frigate, Denise.

Seychelles were named after the French finance minister (XVII-XVIII century) - Moreau de Seshellya.

The name of the cities, islands, schools are found in French and English, which is a reminder of the colonial past of the archipelago.

The most popular activities for touristsconsidered to be diving and sea walk. It is also recommended to visit the national parks, for example, Seyshelles Morne (Morne Seychelles). The island has been isolated for a long time, so there occurs a lot of endemic species of flora and fauna.

The islands are very popular not only among the verysegments of the population, but also for honeymooners. Exotic wedding on the islands is gaining more and more popularity, and in this segment Seychelles compete with the Maldives and Mauritius.

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