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Where is Mauritius

Mauritius Island

In the waters of the Indian Ocean is a cozy islands and archipelagos to exotic nature and amazing culture.

One of these places is the island of Mauritius.

Mauritius - is not just a small country,This stunning beauty of the archipelago, lost in the south-western Indian Ocean. The largest islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega. Mauritius' capital city - the port city of Port Louis, with a population of 157 000 people. It was named in honor of the French King Louis XV. Several centuries ago, the island was a colony of France, then a half century - the British, as evidenced by the names of cities. The largest settlements: Mahébourg, Kyurpayp, Rose Hill.

Where is Mauritius

The archipelago is located in East Africa, 900kilometers from Madagascar. The tiny island has a length of 65 kilometers and a width of 50 kilometers. By area, it can be compared with Moscow. If you ask for, you can get around in a day. To get to the island from Russia and CIS countries can be on an exceptional basis on the plane. The journey time takes approximately 11-12 hours. The time difference with Mauritius do not. This archipelago, despite its remote location, a very popular tourist destination, characterized by not only the unique nature, but also the price range. Holidays in Mauritius at a cost could be compared with the Seychelles and the Maldives.

Holidays in Mauritius

Tourism is one of the main items of revenueMauritius budget. This small state has taken a niche quite expensive, but it is a popular resort. To achieve levels of the island was able to thanks to the magnificent scenery, beautiful beaches with fine white sand, crystal clear azure waters of the Indian Ocean. By the way, all the beaches are kept perfectly clean, the trash they are cleaned daily. Rare beauty of the underwater world of Mauritius attracts observe local marine life divers from all over the world.
The infrastructure of the island is quite developed herethere are very good hotels of different categories, many cozy coastal restaurants, shops and souvenir shops. Among the entertainment especially popular sea fishing, good catch in the waters of Mauritius is a lot of interest, "seafood".
It is now fashionable to hold wedding ceremonies onIslands. Mauritius - one of the most popular places in this respect, so every year there are sworn eternal love a huge number of newlyweds. Pleasure is, of course, is not cheap, but the experience will be remembered for a lifetime.
The only airport in the country - "Plaisance"(Plaisance) is located in the south-east of the island, near Mahébourg. Visa to visit Mauritius is not necessary, but if you depart back to the airport tax is charged. It is about $ 20.

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